Everything you need to know for tonight’s NBA slate, all in one place.

The Vegas Lines

Highest Scoring Games

Warriors vs. Suns- The Warriors will try to make it 17-0 tonight as they face the Suns. The total in this one just screams fantasy plays. With a 215.5 o/u buckets should be dropping all night. Curry and company will be trying to make history. While the dual guards of the Suns will be trying to end the streak. I love this game!

Pelicans vs. Clippers- Wooooo, a lot of high scoring tonight and Black Friday deals at DraftKings, can the weekend start any better. The o/u in this one is 213.5. The Brow is back to being the Brow and CP3 gets a matchup against his old team. I love the big names in this one.

Lowest Scoring Games

Heat vs. Knicks – No Jazz tonight, which means the lowest scoring honor goes to the Heat. This one comes in at 187.5. Phil Jackson may be a genius with the drafting of Kristaps and we should see a good showing by the Staps tonight. Carmelo and Wade both also have the potential to hit value tonight.

Pace of Play

Fastest Projected Games

Wizards vs. Celtics – Obviously the Warriors/Suns game is the fastest paced of the night. However, the Wizards and Celtics are a close 2nd. With a projected game pace of 101.8, this game is only .4 off of the Warriors game pace. I love the guards in this one, but will ask you to pay close attention to how the Wizards guard the SF position.

Slowest Projected Games

Bucks vs. Magic – This game is also 2nd in its category as the 2nd slowest tonight, but we already know that the Heat and Knicks will be slowwwwwww. The Bucks are the NBA version of the Hoosiers. Coach Kidd has them passing five times before taking a shot. With a projected pace of 96.6 this one will be rather lethargic. Oh and by the way, we have no clue who Scott Skiles will decide to start, sit, or fire tonight. This makes me want to stay away.

Defense vs. Position


Best PG Matchups

Chris Paul vs. Jrue Holiday/Ish Smith – CP3 versus his old team that just happen to be the worst team against opposing PGs. How can you not love this matchup? I will have a lot of exposure to Chris tonight.

Worst PG Matchups

Derrick Rose vs. George Hill – The Pacers are ranked 1st against opposing PGs. Rose put up 28 fantasy points last game, but will have a tough matchup tonight. I think there are better value options tonight.


Best SG Matchups

Danny Green vs. Will Barton – So you got Barton’ed the other night, so did everybody else. Tonight is the night to get your payback. Manu Ginobili will sit this one out, which should throw more minutes Danny Green’s way. The Nuggets are horrific against opposing SGs. Fire up Green tonight.

Worst SG Matchups

Dwayne Wade vs. Arron Affalo – Affalo is more of a defensive SG and will only have a big scoring game once in awhile. He draws a tough matchup with Wade/Winslow tonight.


Best SF Matchups

Jae Crowder vs. Otto Porter – I have figured out a new strategy to cash, play SFs against Washington. It has really been that simple and tonight it looks like the strategy may play out again.

Worst SF Matchups

Danilo Gallinari vs. Kawhi Leonard – Danilo has been a great scoring option for the Nuggets, but tonight he has met his match. He gets the best defender in the league tonight and should have all that he can handle.


Best PF Matchups

Nerlens Noel vs. Terrence Jones – There is a lot pending in this one, but the Rockets are terrible against the PF position. Noel has had a tough go as of late, but Okafor could be facing suspension. If Okafor has to sit, Noel is it and has a great matchup.

Worst PF Matchups

Chris Bosh vs. Kristaps Porzingis- I will eat crow on this one, but I had no respect for Kristaps initially. He has definitely proved me wrong and has been a great fantasy producer. Bosh will have a high usage rate, but the rookie will try to shut him down tonight.


Best C Matchups

DeAndre Jordan vs. The Pelican’s C – The Pelican’s can’t decide who will start at Center. Because of this they can’t stop a center. DeAndre is a beast on the boards and has a great chance at a double double tonight.

Worst C Matchups

Andrew Bogut vs. Tyson Chandler – Chandler has struggled at the offensive end of the court, but he has been a beast on D. Both of these guys are defensive C’s so the fantasy production may be limited.

Lineup Quick Hits

Superstar Worth Paying For

Anthony Davis ($10,800) – Please, please, please stay out of injury trouble Anthony. With his last two games of 65 and 50 fantasy points it is fine to say he is back. I love the o/u and the pace in this one. The Brow has a great shot at exceeding value tonight.

Save Big Bucks By Drafting

Kosta Koufos ($4,500) – Kosta will get the start at C tonight if DeMarcus Cousins sits. With Cousins out Koufos has put up 25+ fantasy points on average. He will get all the minutes and usage he can handle.

Dud of the Night

John Wall ($8,100) – Hey John, hit value sometime and then we will talk. We are still waiting on Wall to get back on track.