Recap – Brandon Knight and Russell Westbrook stack For The Win!

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The Vegas Lines

Highest Scoring Games

Pelicans vs. Thunder – KD will probably sit this one out. With an o/u of 213.5 there should be a lot of scoring for Westy and Ibaka. The Pelicans score a lot as well, but with the Brow questionable, this one may have the makings of a blowout.

Trailblazers vs. Rockets – The second highest o/u of the night is at 209. This one will be really interesting with the news of Mchale’s firing. If Dwight Howard gives it a go he is set up for a great matchup. I am also interested to see how the Rockets play after the players only meeting yesterday.

Lowest Scoring Games

Raptors vs. Jazz – And here it is, the game that has the term Jazz in it. The Jazz obviously come in at the lowest score of the night at a 189 o/u. This will be a defensive battle and may even go under the point total.

Pacers vs. 76ers – The 2nd lowest score of the night should be in Philadelphia. With a 192 o/u this game surprisingly has some decent value tonight. With George Hill out this should be all the Paul George tonight. I also like the big men for the 76ers.

Pace of Play

Fastest Projected Games

Kings vs. Hawks – The Kings are the fastest paced team on the night at a 103.3. It will be interesting to see what type of starting lineup the Hawks roll out. Rondo and company will be pushing the pace tonight. Boogie has a very favorable matchup and has the potential for a great game.

Bulls vs. Suns – The days of Tommy T are over in Chicago. The Suns are the 2nd fastest paced team on the night and the Bulls are slowly moving up in the ranks. I love the guards in this one and think that it will be a speedy matchup.

Slowest Projected Games

Raptors vs. Jazz – With a 95.4 pace rating the Jazz are slow. They play big man ball and are a defensive team. The Raptors move a lot faster, but the Jazz usually control the pace of games and should do the same tonight.

Defense vs. Position


Best PG Matchups

Russell Westbrook vs. Ish Smith – Westy without KD is about a must play every night. Tonight Westy gets the 30th ranked Pelicans and a matchup against Ish. I will be rolling him tonight.

Worst PG Matchups

Kyle Lowry vs. The Utah Jazz – The Jazz are about the best defensive ranked team in every category. Tonight Kyle Lowry gets a tough matchup against the number 3 ranked team against opposing PG’s.


Best SG Matchups

Danny Green vs. Will Barton- Manu will potentially sit tonight, which means that Danny should get more minutes. Barton is a great scorer, but unfortunately the Nuggets can’t play defense.

Worst SG Matchups

Eric Bledsoe vs. Jimmy Butler – Jimmy is a great defender, but he hasn’t had the success this year as he has had in the past. Bledsoe is the main scorer for the Suns. I like Bledsoe tonight, but on paper this matchup is a little shaky.


Best SF Matchups

Paul George vs. The 76ers – George has been posting up as the 4 for most of the season. However, with Hill out tonight it should shift the line up and PG gets a very favorable matchup. It really doesn’t matter if Paul is at the 5 tonight he will get his.

Worst SF Matchups%

Jae Crowder vs. Chandler Parsons Crowder has been a decent source of scoring this year. The Mavs have Parsons back and he looked good in his limited minutes the other night.


Best PF Matchups

Thaddeus Young vs. Hornet’s PF – Last night Cody Zeller got the start at the PF position for the Hornets. It doesn’t matter who starts tonight Thad should have his way with one of the weakest teams against the PF tonight.

Worst PF Matchups

Kenneth Faried vs. LaMarcus Aldridge – LMA has been playing great defensive ball. Faried has had to take the post over for the Nuggets. Unfortunately he has a terrible matchup against LMA tonight.


Best C Matchups

Willie Cauley-Stein vs. Al Horford – The Hawks are 30th against opposing Cs. Cauley-Stein started in the front court with Cousins in the last game, but he suffered a concussion. If he’s healthy, this is a favorable matchup in a game that should be high scoring. You have to imagine Boogie sees some of the effects of this matchup, as well.

Worst C Matchups

The Pelican’s C vs. Steven Adams – Adams is a great defensive Center. The Pelican’s lineup is in jeopardy tonight and whoever gets the start will get a tough matchup against Adams. I am staying away from this one.

Lineup Quick Hits

Superstar Worth Paying For

Russell Westbrook ($12,200) – Westy is extremely high priced, but check out the matchup and the no KD status. If I am paying up tonight Westbrook is my guy. The matchup has all the makings of a triple-double.

Save Big Bucks By Drafting

Ish Smith ($5,500) – Ish will get the start with Jrue sitting tonight. He has a great shot at reaching value tonight and will get the minutes to put up some nice numbers.

Dud of the Night

Victor Oladipo ($7,400) – Oladipo is probable tonight after coming off of concussion protocol. He has the ability to post big numbers, but I am worried about the matchup and coming right off of injury. I will be looking elsewhere tonight.