Game Flow Notes

Vegas Lines

HIGH O/UKings vs. Warriors- Bring on the points in this game. With a total of 220, this is the highest total on the night. Stephen Curry is probable after slightly injuring his calf against the Cavs on Christmas Day. With all these points there should be plenty to go around. I love Cousins again tonight and I really like Klay’s matchup as well.

LOW O/U76ers vs. Jazz- With a 194 total this is the lowest scoring game on the night. However, due to injuries and “trades” this game has some great value. Ish Smith has returned to Philly and is commanding the offense again (according to Nerlens Noel). On the Jazz side, Alec Burks is down with an injury, which should open up a lot of scoring for Hayward and Hood. This one provides some nice sneaky plays tonight.

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Pace of Play

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 1.01.43 PM

HIGH PACEWizards vs. Clippers- The Kings/Warriors game has a blazing 105.7 pace. The second fastest game on the night is the Wiz and Clips. This game is projected at 100.7 and will be led by two of the best “floor generals” (sorry Ish) in the league. With Blake Griffin sidelined look for this one to be the Wall/CP3 show and the Gortat/Jordan encore.

LOW PACENets vs. Heat- Of course the battle of the post means slow pace in the NBA. Brook Lopez versus Hassan Whiteside and Thaddeus Young versus Chris Bosh, means a projected game pace of 94.8. This game also has a nice matchup for Dwyane Wade, but I am staying away due to the other higher scoring options.

Defense vs. Position

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 1.01.15 PM

Point Guard Matchups

TARGET Kemba Walker vs. Lakers Starter- We all saw what Conley did to the Lakers last night. Kemba is coming off a mini slump, but is at home and gets the weakest team against opposing PGs. If there is a night to right the ship, this is it. (I will also run Lin out as a GPP play, due to the narrative and the potential for extended minutes.)

AVOID Derrick Rose vs. Kyle Lowry – Lowry has been about as good as IT2 this season. The Raps are ranked 2nd against opposing PGs. Rose has finally accepted his role as a role player. This game should favor Pau Gasol and Taj Gibson.

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Shooting Guard Matchups

TARGET Klay Thompson vs. Darren Collison/Marco Belinelli- Another case of I told you so here, we saw what McCollum did to the Kings last night. I usually stay away from Klay because he limits himself to one stat category. However, with Steph hobbled and an insanely good matchup I have to give him a go tonight.

AVOID DeMar DeRozan vs. Jimmy Butler- I am usually a huge fan of DeRozan in cash games. Tonight he gets to face Jimmy Buckets who is a great SG defender. Like I said earlier I like this game to focus on the post and possibly Kyle Lowry.

Small Forward Matchups

TARGETLeBron James vs. P.J. Tucker- This is the night to roll out LBJ. He is mad and tired of losing. His matchup is also great. LeBron could single handedly beat the 92 Dream Team at the present state.

AVOIDAndrew Wiggins vs. Kawhi Leonard- First in the league against opposing SFs, Kawhi is just nasty. I will repeat myself all season. Don’t play a SF versus Kawhi Leonard.

Power Forward Matchups

TARGET Draymond Green vs. Omri Casspi- Casspi has inserted himself as the starting PF for the Kings. He has had some decent games, but doesn’t have what it takes to guard Green. Using the same logic as for Klay, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Draymond carry some of the load for a slightly injured Curry.

AVOID Thad Young vs. Chris Bosh- This matchup goes both ways. Young and Bosh are both great defenders. They both have a chance to hit value, but for GPP purposes I am looking elsewhere. I need PF’s that will exceed value!

Center Matchups

TARGETNikola Vucevic vs. The Pelican’s Terrible Cs- Vuc gets one of the best matchups tonight. The Pelicans (whoever they roll out) are terrible against opposing Cs. I will have Vuc in cash and GPP tonight.

AVOIDKarl-Anthony Towns vs. Tim Duncan- Towns has had a decent rookie season, but old man Tim is well rested and ready to go. The Spurs are coming off of a frustrating loss and will want to right the ship tonight.

Lineup Quick Hits

Superstar Worth Paying For

LeBron James ($9,800) – Under 10k and mad at the world, I’ll take all of it please. LBJ wants a win and should….scratch that, WILL go crazy tonight.

Save Big Bucks by Drafting

Rodney Hood ($4,700) – Hood gets a great matchup against a weak 76ers team tonight. With multiple teammates sidelined Hood will have to carry some of the load tonight. I like him as a great GPP option.

Dud(s) of the Night

Derrick Rose ($6,000) – For 6k I can do a lot better tonight. Rose gets a rough matchup and plays second fiddle to Jimmy Buckets. I am staying away tonight.

Kyrie Irving ($6,500) – Honorable Mention Dud, the minutes will still be restricted and this is a LBJ kind of night.


This is not a comprehensive list. Be sure to check for injury updates throughout the day

Spencer Hawes – Doubtful, Josh McRoberts – Out, Deron Williams – Doubtful, Jahlil Okafor- Out, Markieff Morris – Out, Alec Burks – Out, Leandro Barbosa – Out, Harrison Barnes – Doubtful