What began in the NBA Finals is now taking form as the hottest basketball trend of 2015. Of course I’m talking about taking jacked up NBA Superstars and making them achieve the highest power level possible… A SUPER SAIYAN!!!







The work of Reddit user “noise_filter” is truly a thing of beauty. Now he’s gotta get back in the lab and take his GIF Game to the next level. Way up high…in the Air…ness


mj super saiyen


I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! GIVE ME SO MUCH MORE!!! My boy noise_filter is working on a Kobe GIF next and I say keep em coming! Granted I’m 1 of 6 people in America that enjoy Dragonball Z references but this is why the internet was invented folks. Undeniably awesome stuff to stare at…

Speaking of which, how about MJ showing up to roast rookies at Bulls practice in 1999. Freshly retired but still ready to educate at the drop of a ball. Glad Ron Artest retained so much knowledge from this lesson too.