(Ebay) – Up for bid is a 2013-14 Panini Prizm Black Prizm parallel certified autograph rookie card of Cleveland Cavaliers superstar Matthew Dellavedova (#38).  Card is a true 1/1. This is the holy grail of Delly cards!!!  Amazing card!


Nonathletic generic men, so hot right now. Seriously has there ever been a greater meteoric rise than that of Matty Delly D? I can’t think of one that got this hot this sudden. Within the past week he’s gone from pseudo bench scrub/occasional human floor mop to the greatest sidekick the King has ever had.

Hard to hate on a guy that gives absolutely everything for his squad and is a fearless maniac when it comes to getting every loose ball and every extra inch. Yes there’s a legitimate chance he won’t be able to make a D-league team in the next two years but hey when you’re hot you’re hot! Let’s enjoy this time with him while we have it. Welcome to the ThunderDelly Dome mofos!





(USA Today) – “This morning I seen something on Instagram,” Usher said. “It was a picture of Russell Crowe replaced with Delladova’s head. And the picture said ‘are you not entertained?’ And I think, you mean you can’t ask for a better Finals and a better team that plays together. They play Cleveland ball as they said and you see it.”




(3aw) – The quiet town of Maryborough is planning on renaming its basketball stadium the “Dellavedova Dome” in honour of local star Matthew Dellavedova. “That’s where Matt Dellavedova learned his craft and the Maryborough Basketball Association have suggested that the stadium, which is a two-court stadium, ought to be renamed after Matthew,” Mr Johnson told 3AW Breakfast.”He’s certainly put Maryborough on the world map, it’s just fantastic.




(ESPN) – Within a minute of the Memphis Grizzlies taking Janis Timma with the 60th and final pick, assistant general manager Trent Redden was on the phone going after a guy the Cavs were calling their “Mr. 61,” as in 61st pick. He was an undersized Australian from St. Mary’s who had slipped through the back end of the draft. The former Mr. 61 is earning the lowest salary of any player in the Finals — $816,000 for the season. His teammates drive Lamborghinis, Ferraris and, in James’ case, a $60,000 Kia he gets paid millions to be seen in. Dellavedova drives a Mazda.


Getting maximum dap from Usher, hometown renaming stadiums after you, having the Sultan of Akron Beach write an exclusive about how revered you are? THIS GRAVY TRAIN CAN’T STOP WON’T STOP


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Sup Mrs. Curry?










“Damn, there goes Matthew Dellevadova stealing my basketball, lunch money, girlfriend, AGAIN.