The Phoenix Suns are in an absolute free fall nose dive — they recently fired their Head Coach Jeff Hornacek, the only team in the Western Conference with a worse record is the “We’re unintentionally intentionally trying to lose every game on purpose over here so we can keep our draft pick” Los Angeles Lakers, and one of their best players was recently called out publicly by the team’s owner for falling victim to “millennial culture” and it negatively effecting the rest of the team.

That guilty party of these basketball crimes is Markeiff Morris, who didn’t help his reputation within the organization on Wednesday night when he decided to throw down with one of the team’s few bright spots: Archie Goodwin.

Bad just got worse in the Valley of the Sun.

IMO: Markieff is 100% getting traded before this month’s deadline — however, his value is rock bottom. Someone out there willing to take a flier on this toxic player? My guess: Oklahoma City, and for pennies on the dollar — straight highway robbery of a deal … you know he’ll return to last year’s form the moment he gets out of Phoenix. It’s not fair, but, ’tis the life in the NBA.