The second-round of the NBA playoffs has been phenomenal. You’d think with players like Chris Paul, John Wall, Pau Gasol and Kevin Love all missing games we’d be talking about the opposite.

But each series is now either tied up, or the underdog is ahead, with fantastic games along the way. Friday was about Derrick Rose. Saturday was about Paul Pierce. Sunday was LeBron James’ day.

LeBron didn’t play particularly well (and whimpered to the refs about some calls he didn’t get late in the game), but made it count when the game was on the line. Of course, LeBron finished with 25 points, 14 boards and eight assists, but by LeBron standards it wasn’t that special because of just 10-for-30 shooting and eight turnovers.

LBJ made the hero play, and that’s where the focus should be. But I have to just take a second to mention that David Blatt almost blew it when he tried to call a timeout with none left. Tyron Lue (who ran onto the floor to stop Blatt) might be the real MVP today.

Maybe the bigger concern was an apparent ankle sprain that James suffered, but managed to finish the game.

Banged up and all, LeBron didn’t waste anytime when Lisa Salters asked if he was going to miss any time, though.

“Status for Game 5?”


I can’t imagine a way these playoffs can somehow continue to get even better, but if they do, we’re in for an all-time great postseason.

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