It was a Lance Lance revolution at STAPLES Center last night, as Austin Rivers and Paul Pierce sat out what was ultimately the game of the year between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

There was absolute mayhem down the stretch — as the two sides traded MONSTER buckets and key turnovers/defensive stops in the final minute:

(P.S. that’s what you get for letting Dion Waiters inbound the ball during the biggest possession of the game)

But anyways, back to what’s really important — when the already thin Clippers are missing two key bench players, it means only one thing: MOAR LANCE. Any amount of Lance is a good thing but when we are treated to POINT LANCE — it is “drop whatever you are doing and find the game immediately” appointment television.

We have the POINT GOD version:

The And 1 Mix tape version:

And of course, The #BornReady version:

I’m sorry but if you’re not down with The Lance Stephenson Experience™, we can’t be friends.

PP.S. If this isn’t what heaven looks like it’s gotta be pretty close