Mainly because Kobe Bryant is in FULL ‘Victory Lap’ mode and is just shooting until his arms falls off. The ‘Black Mamba’ was introduced to the Madison Square Garden crowd for what is believed to be the last time ever (as a player, at least)…

…and then the show began…THE KOBE SHOW

You kidding me with that shot attempt? They couldn’t possibly get any more difficult, could they? AU CONTRAIRE.

How do you guys think Kobe’s teammates feel about all of this? Before you continue on, re-watch the vine above and stare at Jordan Clarkson (Top right) and D’Angelo Russell (Bottom right) when he lines up that absurd attempt.

D’Angelo Russell is like “Yo you’re crazy if you think im so much as gonna move for that rebound FOH dude”. Jordan looks like he wants to cry.

And finally, gotta save the best for last … the AIRBALL LAYUP

SMH dude. How are the Lakers young core supposed to develop when someone is out there doing this 20 times a game? After 6 games, he’s shooting 32% on 78 FGAs and is averaging more shots per 36 minutes than at ANY POINT IN HIS CAREER. Even Stephon Marbury is impressed.

P.S. After the game, Carmelo Anthony called out a fan trolling him all game INTERNET COMMENTERS UNITE