How crazy is it that KG is coming back for TWO more years? Well…  




ANYTHING IS POSSSIBLEEEEE!!! KG is one of those rare athletes that plays so freaking hard you can never root against him. A dude that actually cares about winning more than life itself and doing everything he can to make himself/those around him better.

Now he’s taking up the Obi-Won role guiding the young wolfpack to their full potential. OBEY ME. Let’s check out some of his best/craziest/ridiculous moments..



KG returns to Minnesota AND SO DOES JIGGLY MAN!




KG throws the ball at Dwight Howard’s head




KG wants to make Matt Bonner cry




KG makes Big Baby Glen Davis cry




KG tells Craig Sager he was in a “bar fight”




KG tells Craig Sager he needs to burn his clothes immediately




KG Gives Ray Allen the cold shoulder on opening night after joining the Heat




KG has strong STRONG locker-room dance game




KG is READY FOR WAR..loadin up da pump




KG hilarious early Nike commercial with Brandi Chastain




KG collection of best interview moments




KG’s Top 10 Plays