This is a letter Daniel Marks wrote to Jason Kidd when he was 10 years old. He never got a response AND he got stood up on his birthday. Must’ve been during Kidd’s bleach blonde “Can you guess I’m a scumbag?” phase. Luckily for Daniel, currently a database manager for the Bucks, Kidd now has a shaved head with barely any bleach, and is a good person/Bucks Head Coach. Somehow someway a dream finally came true 14 years later…




Classy move by Da Bomb and props to the Mom; absolutely stellar cake game here! And even though I wanted JKidd to literally perish on the court during the ’01 ECF I will agree with Daniel on one thing. There were few things better than a Kidd-2-Kmart lob and nothing better in a pickup game (on a 8 ft hoop). Just waiting to get on a breakaway so you could yell KMART! KMART! till your 5’9” friend throws it off the glass for you. Ohhh to be young



When are all these young bloods gonna get back to using the glass man! Damn travesty! At least they’re still making posters I guess



PS Ooooooooook Mr. Ennis