From this point forward, I will not be titling any blogs about J.R. Smith anything other than this. The same way Commissioner Gordon did nothing but put the batlight in the sky whenever he needed Bruce Wayne, I will make it my civic duty to do the same for everything J.R. Smith-related.

Well, last night: the Cavaliers hosted the Memphis Grizzlies at [the] Ohio State University for their preseason match up … and Head Coach David Blatt elected to not play J.R. so he could “get some rest”.

You’d figure David Blatt would know this by now, but, you can’t just tell J.R. to sit on the bench without providing him with some sort of entertainment. The same way when your mom made you go shopping with her when you were ten years old and you were bored out-of-your-mind within minutes, J.R. needed a distraction …


If J.R. ever ate cotton candy during a real game and/or brought it on to the court with him, you are more than welcome to end my life on the spot because it’ll never get as good as it would be at that very moment.

P.S. He obviously bought some for the fans because J.R. DA PEOPLE’S CHAMP