Ok, so, the Cleveland Cavaliers held an open-to-the-public inner-squad scrimmage at the Q on Monday night — and as a part of the festivities, a few lucky fans got to choose a player to attempt a half-court shot for them…

If the shot was made, the contestant received $30,000.

A couple of things before we get to the video:

1) If you had to pick ONE person on the ENTIRE planet to make a half-court heave, otherwise: you would get thrown into the Saw basement for the rest of your life … you’re obviously picking J.R. Smith 10 out of 10 times. Not LeBron James. Not Kevin Durant. Not Michael Jordan. J.R. Smith.

This is why J.R. was put on this planet: to make extremely difficult long-range jump shots.

2) Speaking of jump shots, how perfect is it that J.R. shot the heave as a pull-up jumper? Usually, most players will get a running start and launch it in stride … however, J.R. does this in his sleep/during actual games/makes these more than layups.

3) He knows he had it the whole time. Not even a hint of doubt. Only J.R.

4) The contestant he was shooting for was a war veteran!

Without further adieu, EARL JOSEPH SMITH III…

And the cherry on top: you’ll notice at the very last second of the vine, he even does his patented air guitar dance!!!!


J.R. Smith forever.