Former bag of trash and current Cavaliers guard Iman Shumpert made a huge mistake last night by going to see San Andreas, the movie where all of California dies except the Rock and his painfully sexy daughter. Not sure if he saw it in 3-D but either way it had him SHOOK…


Clearly the Rock had Iman feeling some type of way and by the looks of it, he may legitimately stay in Cleveland during the away games. If his girlfriend has any say in the matter he might request a trade to the Oklahoma City Thunder.





The Rock was having his cake but not tweeting it too so Iman was left with a bunch of Twitterverse scientists    



Somehow Iman got back in the lab and was able to forget about all that earthquake stress    



Everything was settled down. At least until the Warriors sent Iman to the bottom of the San Andreas fault.



RIP Iman. The Warriors are shutting everyone down on and off the court. Seems like anytime they tweet



And thank god for it. Thursday can’t get here soon enough. That giant earthquake disaster can wait though