The honor of “Funniest NBA Team Ever” hasn’t been challenged in nearly two decades. The belt currently belongs to the 2000-2003 Los Angeles Clippers, who fielded a lineup of:
  • Quentin Richardson
  • Darius Miles
  • Lamar Odom
  • Michael Olowokandi
  • Keyon Dooling
  • Corey Maggette


They didn’t give a shit about winning & losing, all this team cared about was getting the top play on every SportsCenter episode/dunking on people/throwing alley oops/crossing opponents up/doing their signature “cones on head” celebration.


BAHAHAHA WHO IN THE NBA CREATES THEIR OWN MIXTAPE!?!?!? EVERY single player on this roster was in their (swag) primes. This team was so cool, they even got a part in that Van Wilder movie…

Well, as much as I love the 2000-2003 Los Angeles Clippers and granted they will always have a place close to my heart — I am going to make a bold prediction and say that this year’s version of the Los Angeles Lakers are going to overthrow the reigning champs and assume control of the “Funniest NBA Team Ever” title.

Last night, the Lakers preseason campaign kicked off in Hawaii vs. the Utah Jazz — and if the highlights are any indication, this team is going to be must-see-TV any time they touch they floor.

Let’s start at the top.  I have some good news and bad news, Laker fans…

The good news is: KOBE’S BACK!!!!

The bad news is: Kobe’s back…

First shot of the season, and JUSSSSTTTTT a bit outside….

Kobe is gonna be more of a distributor this season though he said, right?


“Yo, D’Angelo … come here for a second I wanna tell you something funny … Coach Byron wants me to shoot less and is gonna try and limit me to 25 minutes a game this season”

Of course the Lakers hilarity doesn’t exist without the Swaggy P God himself, Nick Young…

  1. Stands in corner
  2. Calls for ball
  3. Doesnt move
  4. Forgets to run back in transition
  5. Fouls

Swaggy get buckets, though … WELCOME TO BUCKET NATION, YA’LL!

And last but not least, “Sweet” Lou Williams. No caption here is necessary…

This is just a taste of the full-course dinner that was Lakers Preseason Game #1. Every single trip down the floor is a highlight — whether it’s D’Angelo Russell/Julius Randle doing something awesome, Roy Hibbert flailing like he can’t get rid of the hiccups, or Lou Williams launching a three-pointer from 35 feet out during a fast break. Please feel free to join the #BucketNation movement — there are plenty of seats available.

They’re not going to win a whole lot of games this season, but, expect this Laker squad to be the most entertaining collection of “GOTTA GET MINE FIRST“-driven players you’ll ever see…

P.S. We can’t forget about Small Forward Ryan Kelly a.k.a. Buzz’s girlfriend … WOOF!