So, none of this is going to happen because the Knicks aren’t very bright. But if they were, here’s how they’d go about fixing their mess.

The Knicks have a laundry list of things to do to rebuild, but the biggest one if moving Carmelo to gain young talent.
The Knicks have a laundry list what they need to rebuild, but the biggest is moving Carmelo.

For starters, they have to nail the fourth overall pick in the draft. The thing is, that should be easy due to their draft position. The top two picks are going to be big men, which leaves two very talented point guards leftover. All the pressure is on the 76ers to pick between DeAngelo Russell and Emmanuel Mudiay. Whichever one is leftover is your pick … there’s nothing to it.

Don’t try and get fancy and reach on Willie Cauley-Stein (who I love) or waste a pick on another foreigner that we don’t know enough about. Speaking of which, don’t get fancy in free agency either. There’s no reason to blow money on a contract (such as Rajon Rondo) that becomes regrettable by February. Just find some bargains that can help you win. Don’t let the summer that Andrea Bargnani finally comes off the books be the summer you get weighed down with another Andrea Bargnani type contract …

And while we’re cost cutting and getting younger here, let’s find a way to move Carmelo.

The Knicks now have their franchise point guard, and (presumably) have signed some solid young talent with the money they have opening up. ‘Melo simply isn’t a fit anymore. If you can trade your best player for a haul that helps you win a few years down the road (alongside your new piece in the draft), why not do it!?

The counter argument makes no sense … “If you trade Carmelo, you sacrifice winning now!” Um, have you been watching? Anthony hasn’t done a damn thing in New York when it comes to winning.

Now, ‘Melo does have a no-trade clause in his contract, so he’d have to approve any move. But if he were open to leaving the Big Apple, I found 12 potential (and fair) deals that could work just by sitting down with the ESPN Trade Machine for an hour. TWELVE! Who said trading Anthony and his contract is impossible?

I’ll get to the other 11 another day, but something tells me Carmelo would be willing to wave his no-trade for this one:

*Lakers include No. 2 pick in 2015 draft and sign and trade Lin back to NYK.
*Lakers include No. 2 pick in 2015 draft and sign and trade Lin back to NYK.

This is what you call a win-win.

The Lakers, of course, shift back to win-now mode with the Kobe/’Melo combo, and obviously have the ability to fill in their holes in free agency, because everyone wants to play in L.A. I doubt they actually go anywhere if they made a trade like this, but Kobe would make sure it happened if it were on the table.

The Knicks come out as huge winners here. Somehow, they’ve transitioned into one of the best young cores in the NBA. And the best part? The Knicks have no pressure to miss on their draft picks. The No. 2 and 4 picks are both the easiest selections in the draft. Like I said earlier, at No. 4 you pick the leftover guard (Russell or Mudiay), and at No. 2, you do the same – select who’s left between Towns and Okafor. A circus clown could run the Knicks draft room and not blow this.

Knicks fans, are you happier with Carmelo running the show? Or a young, exciting, cost controlled core of Okafor/Towns, Russell/Mudiay, Julius Randle and Tim Hardaway Jr.? Call me crazy, but I’m taking door number two.

The Knicks can be fixed. Phil Jackson just needs to pick up his phone and reach out to his former organization.

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