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#Lilsleepytime @jharden13

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It’s been like a full week since someone has caught James Harden sleeping … but, this time it was in a bed and not on defense.

(I’ll be here all week, folks…)

P.S. Isn’t taking a selfie with the athlete in the bed like the biggest WAG “no-no” ever? I didn’t major in “Sidechick Etiquette” … but, i’m pretty sure this gets you ex-communicated from this sorority IMMEDIATELY/breaks pretty much every unwritten rule in re: to “bagging a baller”. This is why smart celebrities/athletes confiscate phones and make chicks sign waivers before hooking up, because if you don’t — there’s always going to be someone with an instagram handle identical or similar to “GVNG$TER X BOO” looking to hook up with the intention of blowing up your spot on the internet.

Was it worth it for James Harden? You be the judge…

Capitals Fire





Without being completely inappropriate and judgmental, I think I speak for everyone when I quote the best movie character of all-time: Kevin McAlister.

“James Harden, your girlfriend … WOOF!”