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THE FINALS ARE UPON US, REJOICE! It has been a truly incredible tournament and quite the deadly road to our most illustrious Throne. We can all be thankful that the White Walkers and Lannisters have been vanquished, for Westeros under the hand of those miscreants would have been a land wrought with sorrow. Let’s take a look at the Finals breakdown, where our new champion will be crowned.

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Played at The Iron Throne

Like any finale in Westeros, this matchup will likely be decided by pure will and determination. And maybe a backstabbing or two? Make no mistake about it, if the Direwolves are going to stay in this game they are going to need hustle and mischief, and lots of it. With the recent addition of Tyrion Lannister ($6,900), foul tricks are something the Dragons now have an abundance of. There’s no doubt Tyrion played inspired ball in Round 2 against his former family, but can he really reach that level of passion again against the team of his former wife?

Regardless, all eyes remain on whether League MVP Drogon ($13,200) will show up for the final game, and while the Targaryens have a fair chance without him, history has shown us it’s pretty beneficial to have a giant flame-breathing dragon on your side. If Drogon is a no-show again, and Daario Naharis ($7,600) and Jorah Mormont ($3,500) can’t work out their chemistry issues, a Winterfell championship may be coming. Mormont has looked slower every round so far, and his stone hands in the low post surely aren’t helping things either.

One possible wildcard for this match, though? The return of Arya Stark ($9,200). Stark had been playing overseas the past couple seasons but was signed before the free agent moratorium in the regular season finale. An unfortunate eye injury prevented her from ever stepping on the floor for the Direwolves, but it appears in a game of this magnitude, she is willing to give it a go. If she guards no one, and puts up nothing, the Starks may face a winter unlike anything they have seen before.

Key Matchup

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Chase or Fade: Tyrion Lannister

Extended Westeros Forecast from 4/20/2016

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