A lot of people wish for crazy athletic powers they’ll never have. Like I would love to dunk. LOVE it. I also know that’s an eternal fantasy that will forever be a dream for me. But what’s nuts is people never wish they were smarter or funnier. It’s always about being taller, stronger, faster. Well Tacko Fall has all your fantasies + infinity. Pretty cool to see someone so insanely talented athletically and yet he doesn’t give a hoot about any of it.

I expect Tacko will warm up a little to his talents as the years go by. Once those NBA lottery teams get that maple syrup in em, they do get all antsy in their pantsy. And then they do WHATEVER it takes to find fast tall men. Not sure how fast Tacko is…. but he’s definitely the tallest. Honestly may already be the smartest player in the NBA too. Oh,




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