Back to the “usual” 12 games on Friday. With so many players in action today, you might need a little help setting your lineups, so here are today’s targets article includes the daily fantasy basketball picks that I like:

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Kyrie Irving vs. BOS ($7900) – The only thing that can seemingly slow Irving down right now would be Cleveland resting him. Given the opponent that is a possibility, so make sure Irving is actually playing before selecting him, and that you have a fall-back if he is out. If he is playing, he is a great option having scored 27 points and hit 4 three-pointers and had three steals in each of his last two games.


Elfrid Payton vs. TOR ($7500) – Payton has been sneaky good lately. Perhaps not sneaky good to daily-fantasy players, but being on a bad team, guys playing well do not tend to get much attention. Payton has averaged a double-double over his last five games. More scoring would be nice, but it is hard to complain about a five game average of: 13 points, ten assists, 5.8 rebounds and 2.6 steals per game.


Greivis Vasquez @ ORL ($4800) – If you are looking for a sure thing, or a relatively safe pick then Vasquez is not the player for you. He has had as many poor games as good games lately. Thing is, he is set up for a good game tonight. Orlando has struggled against point guards, Vasquez’s inconsistency has depressed his price, and he is coming off a nice game against a better team than he is facing on Friday.

Zach LaVine @ LAL ($5900) – LaVine has three of my favorite things, in terms of daily fantasy basketball picks, going for him today. He is affordable, he is playing well, and he is a point guard playing against the Lakers. The Lakers are the worst team against point guards — as I have mentioned approximately 30 times this season. Better yet, LaVine comes into this game with a last five game averages of: 18.4 points, 6.2 assists, and 5.4 rebounds per game. I am expecting big things from LaVine tonight.




DeMar DeRozan @ ORL ($8100) – Shockingly, Orlando has not been all that bad defending shooting guards this season. It does not matter in this case though. DeRozan has been playing out of his mind lately. He has averaged 28.4 points, 4.8 rebounds, and 4.4 assists per game over his last five games including games in which he scored 38 and 42 point — and another where he had 27 points along with eight rebounds and eight assists.

Bradley Beal @ BKN ($6300) – The shooting guard pool is not bad tonight, but it is lacking in solid above-average priced options due to players being rested, having tough matchups or just being over-priced. Beal has none of those issues. He is reasonably priced, he is not likely to be rested, and has a favorable opponent. He also comes into the game averaging 33 fantasy-points per game over his last four games.


Anthony Morrow vs. SAC ($4600) – Sacramento has been the worst team against shooting guards by a margin of 2.1 fantasy-points per game this season. Morrow has been a bit of a roller-coaster lately, but has been following up poor games with good ones. His last game was a poor one, and you could not ask for a more favorable matchup than he has Friday.

Dion Waiters @ SAC ($4700) – As I just mentioned, the Kings have been the worst defense against shooting guards this season and have upped their futility lately, allowing an average of 50.7 fantasy-points to opposing SG over their last five games. Waiters has not been anything special recently, what has been special is the 36.2 minutes per game over the last five games. Any shooting guard who gets 35+ minutes against the Kings is a solid play with upside, and he should be considered in your daily fantasy basketball picks for a given day.




Kawhi Leonard @ HOU ($8000) – Leonard has been the best small forward over the last seven days according to ESPN’s Player Rater. Over his last five games, Leonard has averaged 20.4 points, 3.8 rebounds, 3.4 steals, 2.4 assists and 1.8 three-pointers per game. Houston has been the fifth worst defense against small forwards this season, and Leonard just had a nice game against the Rockets on Wednesday, so chances are good he will be a nice value again today.

Trevor Ariza vs. SA ($6600) – Sure, Ariza likely does not have the same upside as Leonard does, he also costs a good deal less. Ariza did manage 19 points against the Spurs on Wednesday, plus has averaged 17.4 points, 5.6 rebounds and 3.6 three-pointers per game over his last five games. Is Ariza a bit of a risk? Yes. Is he also a nice value despite a tough matchup? Yes.


Chase Budinger @ LAL ($4900) – As shocking as it might be, the Lakers have indeed struggled against small forwards this season — does my sarcasm come through in writing? Budinger keeps putting up solid numbers each night. He does not have any monster games — though he does have a 36 fantasy-point game this month — he also has scored at least 22.75 fantasy-points in every game this month.

Rodney Hood vs. MEM ($4700) – Sure, Hood’s recent numbers are inflated by back-to-back games against Sacramento, but he has still been playing very well lately. Despite playing only 11 minutes in one of his last four games, Hood is averaging: 17.3 points, four rebounds, two assists, 1.5 three-pointers and 1.3 steals per game during that span.




Greg Monroe vs. IND ($7400) – While Monroe has only played in one game this month, he did manage 43 fantasy-points in that game. There are no worries about him being rested tonight, plus he has a much better matchup than the two more expensive power forwards tonight. He could also pretty easily provide six times value or better against Indiana.

Kenneth Faried @ DAL ($7000) – Do not be fooled by the apparent bad matchup for Faried. Dallas has been the second worst team at defending power forwards over the last five games. Faried has had a double-double in four of his last five games and has averaged a double-double against Dallas this season.


Marvin Williams @ ATL ($5400) – Atlanta has nothing to play for so will likely be resting many of their starters against Charlotte. Williams has been a solid option lately averaging 26.6 fantasy-points per game over his last six games. He should be able to top that against Atlanta’s second and third stringers.

Tarik Black vs. MIN ($3800) – With Game of Thrones coming back Sunday, it is the perfect time to use Black, who I swear has the same name as a minor character on the show. If you need an actual basketball reason to use Black — aside from a low price — he is facing the Lakers. Black has averaged 11.4 points and 5.4 rebounds per game over his last five games so is playing pretty well too.




Brook Lopez vs. WAS ($8400) – Lopez is the highest ranked center over the last seven days according to ESPN’s player rater. Washington has been very tough defensively against centers this season, yet Lopez has done well against the Wizard averaging: 20 points, 5.3 rebounds, one block and less than a turnover per game against Washington. Lopez is also playing much better right now than he was the first three times he faced Washington.

Nikola Vucevic vs. TOR ($7700) – It is the battle of the “V” centers in Orlando Friday with Vucevic taking on Jonas Valanciunas. Nikola is the one you want in this battle. Over his last five games he has averaged 23 points, 11.2 rebounds, and 3.2 assists per game; he has also managed three double-doubles in his last five games.


Ian Mahinmi @ DET ($3100) – For some strange reason, I like two $3100 centers Friday. Any player at that low of a price is a risk, but I think Mahinmi is a pretty safe play actually. He has had at least 14.25 fantasy-points in each of his last four games, plus Detroit has been the third worst defense against centers this season.

Robert Sacre vs. MIN ($3100) – Risk thy name is Sacre — or any player priced $3100. The good thing about taking a super-cheap player is it does not take a monster game to get five times or better value. Sacre had 21.25 fantasy-points in his last game so seven time value is attainable for him against Minnesota.

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