The Rockets and Clippers square off for a trip to the Western Conference Finals in Houston this afternoon. Corey Brewer is playing it cool so far, though.

Mr. Casual … just strolling in for Game 7, chillin’ with the fans. But when it comes down to it, Brewer is going to have to play a huge role in this game if the Rockets are going to win.

Bench play has been a big topic of discussion all series long — mostly because of the lack of depth on both rosters. The Clippers bench has stepped up to the challenge … which pretty much means Jamal Crawford and Austin Rivers have hit some shots.

In the Rockets case, Patrick Beverley got hurt, forcing Jason Terry into the starting five, and Kevin McHale chose to insert Josh Smith into the starting lineup over Terrance Jones. Both moves have worked out well for Houston, but it also means Brewer becomes almost the entire Rockets’ bench.

The most important bench player in the series was the best player on the floor last time we saw him — dropping 15 points in the fourth quarter of the comeback that led to Game 7. Brewer doesn’t look like he’s feeling the pressure today, but even on a team with James Harden and Dwight Howard, Brewer is going to have to come through much like he did in Game 6 if Houston is going to take this series.

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