The Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Los Angeles Clippers on Thursday night by a score of 115-102. The Clips may have lost the war, but, they did win a battle — the battle of point guards. Chris Paul went absolutely OFF … again … posting

  • 30 Points (11-19 FG, 7-7 FT)
  • 9 AST
  • 3 REB
  • 3 STL

in only 33 minutes of play.

It didn’t count as anything in the box score, however, along the way he harvested Matthew Dellavedova’s soul with a vicious crossover

CP3, now and forever: POINT GOD

CP3 Point God

P.S. About crossovers: definitely needs to become a box score stat. Can you imagine a triple-double with ankle-breakers? CAN YOU IMAGINE ROOTING FOR THAT WITH A DRAFTKINGS TEAM IN PLAY? EVERYONE WOULD BE SO LIT.