Chris Bosh had a pretty unfunny season last year, nearly having to retire because of blood clots in his lungs. Good to see him back doing funny Bostrich things the way the good Lord intended. Crazy that the Heat went from perennial NBA Finalists, to straight garbage, to now being rebuilt into an actual contender. NEED a Heat-Cavs Eastern Conference Finals more than anything.

Well other than Dirty Dirk filling it up for a few more seasons in the NBA. After today’s loss to Spain in the Eurobasket, Zee German and his mates won’t be qualifying for the 2016 Olympics. It happened in heartbreaking fashion, as Dirk made a three pointer to bring them within 3 in the last minute.

Even had the perfect ending too with Hawks G Dennis Schröder getting fouled on a crazy half court shot. He made the first 2/3 to bring them within one andddd…




At age 37, Dirk probably wasn’t planning on going to Rio anyway. For all we know maybe he begged Dennis to miss that free throw. You only get so many opportunities for standing ovation walk offs…





A fond international farewell to trailblazing legend, and hopefully there will still a few more NBA seasons of Dirty Dirk aka Swish41…



“I was born a tall German child…”



And don’t sleep on the “Dirk German Moses” jam either.