Cavs Dan you old dog you! Just when you think the Cavaliers Owner can’t stoop any lower (than writing a letter eviscerating a player and guaranteeing a championship before him and then IMMEDIATELY tearing that letter up when he can get that player back) he goes and Tweets out the ugliest collection of jerseys anyone will ever see.

And don’t just take my word for it… take the Internet’s!



Rest easy though Cleveland (for now) because it was all just a sick cruel joke! Soon after the trolls invaded every inch of Cavs Dan’s land, the REAL jerseys were Tweeted out and honestly all things considered I’d rather have the first batch.

Cleveland just can’t win no matter what they try. Tale as old as time really…




Still not a fan of the sleeved jerseys and I know the King isn’t either. At least they won’t be looking like complete fools out there but really that was never in doubt anyway. As long as you don’t play basketball in these jerseys/NASA trashbags, everything is fine.

Also I miss Antoine Walker so much. Miss the Wiggle way more though.