Before he ever donned the gold and purple of the Los Angeles Lakers, Brandon Ingram was drawing Kevin Durant comparisons all the way back to the beginning of his college days at Duke University.

While most point to their physical comparisons – Ingram at 6’9″ 190 LBs and Durant at 6’9″ 240 LBS – they’ve got more in common than just their reputation as tall, lanky shooters and both being the second overall picks in their drafts. They’ve got almost the same type of game, and yesterday, Durant, after a Team USA practice which pinned him against Ingram, voiced his thoughts, agreeing with the comparisons:

That’s high praise from a player considered the second-best in the NBA. The newest Golden State Warrior also mentioned that he believes Ingram is much farther along in his development than he was at 18 years old:

Both collegiate stars in their own right, it’s only a matter of time before we see if Brandon Ingram can follow Kevin Durant’s stardom to the NBA. They’ve got the same style of game as mid-range and three-point shooters who can also get the rim with ease. Once Ingram starts to fill out physically as Durant did, it’s only a matter of time before he’s wreaking havoc on the league.

But getting Durant’s approval certainly bodes well for his potential and likely has all of Los Angeles giddy for the season to start.

The Lakers might have missed out on Kevin Durant this summer, but they might just have the next one already on their roster.

P.S. We know Durant is talented, but there’s no way he’s an artist like Ingram is