During the NBA Finals most of my excitement resided from the fact that win or lose, Cleveland was going to burn to the ground seconds after the series ended. After the MVP cooked the Cavs on their home floor to capture the title I was CERTAIN that Cleveland was guaranteed to erupt in a ball of flames. Now I know why they’re still standing. Cavs fans never cared about the success and limitless talent Lebron brought back from South Beach…. Cleveland’s just all about that good good baby!

But just kidding nothing happens in Cleveland EVER and someday their putrid stain of existence will be expunged with fury of 1000 suns. Cleveland Rocks! 



PS: Wanna know the MOST Cleveland thing EVER? Superman was actually created in Cleveland during 1932 by two young residents. After building their brand for 5 years they sold the rights to Detective Comics for $130. They received ZERO royalties or credit after 1938. Literally worked as mail clerks the rest of their lives until winning a lawsuit that paid them 20k per year starting in 1977. So Cleveland it hurts. Why doesn’t anyone talk about the Curse of Superman huh?