According to the New Orleans Times Picayune, John Calipari has made it known to Pelicans team officials that he’s interested in their head coaching job (which opened up last week).

Coach Cal then fired right back on Twitter and disputed those claims.


Who knows which side is telling the truth here, but Cal strikes me as the type of guy that would be trying to keep this quite while he makes up his mind. He also strikes me as the type of coach, like every other coach in the world, that would like to have the chance to coach Anthony Davis (again).

It's tough to pass up a chance to coach the best young player in the NBA, no matter who you are.
It’s tough to pass up a chance to coach the best young player in the NBA, no matter who you are.

This move just makes so much sense for both sides that I think we need it to happen.

According to the report, the Pelicans want to offer Calipari a few million less than Cal’s current contract is set to pay him, and that’s something that could cause a deal to fall apart. But if they do wind up coming to terms, we would be getting a whole lot of entertainment.

The last time Coach Cal was in the NBA, he was at the reigns of the plummeting New Jersey Nets. He wanted to draft a high school kid named Kobe Bryant to try and turn the team’s fortune around, but in the end, the Nets went with Kerry Kittles. Oops.

This time there would already be a superstar in place, waiting for Calipari to lead. Not only any superstar, but maybe the most promising young player in the league, AND a player Calipari has already won a championship with in Anthony Davis.

Davis grew so much in his one year under Cal when they won the 2012 National Championship together, how much more growth could Calipari get out of AD in the NBA? I’d like to find out.

Sure, Calipari has a great job right now, but if Davis is able to raise as many Larry O’Brien trophies as people think he can, this could be the more attractive job — especially seeing Calipari would likely be attractive enough to lock Davis down long-term.

Along with taking Davis to the top of his game, would Calipari be able to recruit and coach up NBA players like he did in college? He would already have another former player (while at Memphis) in Tyreke Evans on his squad, but could he recruit others to join him? If things don’t work out in a place … say somewhere like Chicago, perhaps D-Rose? Along the same lines, could Calipari take a former player who has under-preformed in the league, like Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, and get more out of him than any other team would be able to?

These questions are too much fun not to want the answers to, which is why I’m rooting for Calipari to land the Pelicans job purely for my entertainment.

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