This is the inaugural DraftKings Fantasy NBA Scouting Report. What stats do you need to know heading into the 2015-2016 daily fantasy basketball season? Which players and teams are poised to have huge years? And most importantly, how do you turn your basketball knowledge into cold hard cash on DraftKings? Our 5-page downloadable PDF gives you a quick and concise view of the upcoming fantasy season.

DraftKings Playbook NBA Scouting Report 2015

Scouting Report Preview

PAGE 1: Introduction to Daily Fantasy Basketball on DraftKings

Take a look at the DraftKings NBA scoring system as well as some of the key stats that helped users win money last season on DraftKings.

PAGE 2: Types of Daily Fantasy Contests on DraftKings

A comprehensive breakdown of each NBA contest type on DraftKings.

PAGE 3: 2015-2016 NBA Power Rankings

Where do the NBA teams stack up against each other? Each team has a spot.

PAGE 4: Keys to Success

How can you find ways to gain an edge this year? Take a peek at some of the key variables associated with winning on DraftKings last season.

PAGE 5: Estimating Player Values and DEF vs. POS Rankings

How many points should you be estimating when you draft a player at a certain salary? Which teams should you look to target players against? We dive in.


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