2018 NASCAR® Fantasy Driver Rankings: All-Star Race

WATCH: NASCAR Price Check — All-Star Open

NASCAR fantasy driver rankings for Saturday’s Monster Energy All-Star Race at Charlotte Motor Speedway are based on a mixture of expected output and DraftKings’ NASCAR salaries for that day. The ordering is not based on highest projected fantasy totals, but rather by the value of each driver.

(FPPK = average fantasy points per $1,000 of salary.)

1Kevin Harvick $10,000
2Kyle Busch$9,700
3Kyle Larson$9,400
4Martin Truex, Jr.$9,200
5Brad Keselowski $8,600

1. Kevin Harvick ($10,000) — No one knows what to expect this weekend. The experimental race package could result in a plate race or the same old intermediate track race. It doesn’t matter for Harvick. He’s raced well at every track this season. (7.1 FPPK)

2. Kyle Busch ($9,700) — The restrictor plate might not change the racing. If that’s the case, Busch and usual suspects will be fast. This is only a 100-lap dash with plenty of restarts, and Busch is great on restarts. (6.1 FPPK)

3. Kyle Larson ($9,400) — There will be four stages in the All-Star race. That means at least four restarts. Larson might be the fastest driver on restarts in NASCAR. With stage four being only 10 laps, watch out for Larson streaking to the finish. (4.5 FPPK)

4. Martin Truex, Jr. ($9,200) — The last time NASCAR raced with an enormous spoiler in a Charlotte night race, Truex scored more than 200 fantasy points. That race didn’t feature a restrictor plate, so it’s hard to trust track history. (4.1 FPPK)

5. Brad Keselowski ($8,600) — Intermediate tracks have not been a strong suit for Keselowski, but restrictor plate tracks are his best race tracks. What happens when you mix an intermediate track with a restrictor plate track? (3.8 FPPK)

6Denny Hamlin$7,600
7Joey Logano$8,900
8Ryan Blaney$7,300
9Kurt Busch$7,000
10Clint Bowyer$8,300

6. Denny Hamlin ($7,600) — Drivers do not like plate races. They’re dangerous, and the drivers do not feel in control. Hamlin’s wallet disagrees. He might or might not like plate racing, but statistically, he’s one of the best. With $1 million on the line, he doesn’t have to like it. (4.7 FPPK)

7. Joey Logano ($8,900) — The Charlotte All-Star race could be a plate race with drafting. Logano won the most recent plate race at Talladega a couple weeks ago. (4.8 FPPK)

8. Ryan Blaney ($7,300) — Every week, Blaney has a fast car. He’s had some bad luck and made some stupid mistakes, but the crew always builds a top-five car. The racing style might be in question this week, but Blaney’s car will not be. (4.5 FPPK)

9. Kurt Busch ($7,000) — There are so many unknowns heading into the All-Star race, it’s hard to know what statistics to trust. How about momentum? Busch has finished eighth or better in the past three races. (4.1 FPPK)

10. Clint Bowyer ($8,300) — All four SHR Fords have been strong this season. Their plan is to have each car run a different setup in practice, and they’ll race with the setup that works the best. The SHR Fords could have a huge advantage in the All-Star race. (6.2 FPPK)

11Jimmie Johnson$7,800
12Austin Dillon$5,200
13Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.$5,000
14Kasey Kahne$4,900
15Ryan Newman$6,400
16Jamie McMurray$5,800
17Matt Kenseth$6,000

11. Jimmie Johnson ($7,800) — He doesn’t need the million dollars, but he needs an official win. It would make perfect sense that he wins this weekend. With the All-Star race being a complete unknown, it helps to have one of the smartest crew chiefs in the history of NASCAR. (3.7 FPPK)

12. Austin Dillon ($5,200) — This could be a plate race, and Dillon is one of the best plate racers in NASCAR. He has a Daytona 500 win to prove it. If it’s not a plate race, he has Charlotte night race win, too. (3.7 FPPK)

13. Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. ($5,000) — The All-Star race is the personification of Stenhouse. It will feature risky short-run shootouts, multiple restarts and plate racing. It’s checkers or wreckers for $1 million; victory lane or the junkyard. (3.4 FPPK)

14. Kasey Kahne ($4,900) — Why is Kahne here? He won a wreck plagued Indianapolis race last year. If this was a normal intermediate track race, Kahne would be an afterthought. It’s not; NASCAR is implementing a restrictor plate, and Kahne was one of the best plate racers last season. (4.0 FPPK)

15. Ryan Newman ($6,400) — Unfortunately for Newman, drivers do not score bonus points when a car crashes on top of them. Last week was the fifth time that has happened and the second time in three weeks. If this is a plate race, we might see another car on top of Newman. (3.4 FPPK)

16. Jamie McMurray ($5,800) — He qualified for this race because he was a past All-Star race winner. Unfortunately, being a past winner does not mean much. The race format has changed every year. This year it could be a crazy wreck fest. If Jamie Mac avoids the wrecks, then he’s got as good of a shot as anyone. (3.1 FPPK)

17. Matt Kenseth ($6,000) — One industry rumor is that an average lap speed will be 164 mph. That’s slow. For example, the slowest average speed on a 10-lap run in a Charlotte practice last season was 177 mph. Kenseth’s cobwebs won’t hurt him Saturday night. (1.0 FPPK)

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