“I would kill him in less than thirty seconds,” UFC fighter Conor McGregor said in a recent interview published in Esquire.

Who? Floyd Mayweather.

Why? Because McGregor’s mouth is just as much a weapon as his fists.

When? Not likely, and if it were to happen, bear-baiting would more likely come back into vogue. And, yes, I would buy the pay-per-view. #justsaying.


McGregor is incredibly unlikely to actually secure a fight deal with Mayweather. But what he can and will do is continue to be his own hype-man within the realm of UFC and the fighting world. And it suits him rather well. The bravado of his words with his accent are pure hype gold. Lets just hope his fists, elbows, knees, and can keep up with his mouth. And with a mouth like his, who needs an entourage?

So why the bravado and terse language? Simple – Mayweather is the top of the boxing heap. McGregor is climbing UFC meat grinder. McGregor needs the ink. Mayweather is a logical target for a few wild statements. Go ahead, discuss.

I’m not a Mayweather fan. I fully admit that. I’m a McGregor fan, but not for his fighting. I really like one tactic he uses – his mouth.  Oh and he is essentially Brad Pitt’s character in The movie Snatch in the flesh. What’s not to get all rubbery about?

Strangely, McGregor uses his mouth a lot like Mayweather. The difference? McGregor is paid to take the punches. Mayweather is paid to glance and dodge the punches. Both are effective and profitable. Proof? Follow Mayweather on Instagram. I think he has furniture made of hundred dollar bills.

The 170 pound Irish pugilist most recently took apart Dennis Siver in January. The hype surrounding that fight was largely quotes by McGregor about destroying his opponent. Not just about destroying him, literally killing his opponent. If left McGregors own devices I’d expect to find a human skin rug in his living room with a murdershed in a backyard filled with abandoned cars. And I expect that from “The Celtic Tiger.”

“I don’t look at a man who’s expert in one area as a specialist, McGregor said to Esquire. “I look at him as a rookie in ten other areas.”

McGregor is saying a lot here. Mainly he’s pointing out that mixed martial arts forces the fighter to become a master of multiple skillsets. Boxing is largely focused on punching. Granted, in boxing you can’t kick or throw elbows. Also you usually back off once you knock your opponent. UFC is no holds barred. I think the only two rules are no gouging and low blows.


Well, yeah, duh. But McGregor is really pointing out a major evolution in the sports entertainment world. UFC is gaining ground where boxing is largely losing an audience. Why? I suspect it has to do with the all out war UFC fights are billed as and has more potential to become. Boxing just doesn’t have that. Yes, I enjoy a good boxing match, but I get more hyped for a UFC fight because of the unknown each fight brings.

I’ve got a lot of respect for UFC fighters. They are some of the toughest animals on this planet. My best friend trained as a mixed martial artist and Muay Thai fighter for a number of years; he’s a beast they called the Predator. He didn’t hit a big fight because of injuries, but he’s one of the toughest bastards I know. He’s also my best friend because I need all the help I can get.

But back to McGregor, my friend considers him to be on the fringe of the UFC fight world, mainly because he hasn’t yet proven himself against a quality opponent. This is true and currently holds back the UFC from really taking off. We all know who Floyd Mayweather is. And we should he has developed a style of boxing that suits his body and exemplifies his skills and speed. McGregor has similar style suited to his berserker body frame and mindset.

So let’s just say they actually put this fight on. Who would I take? McGregor in 45 seconds. 2 rounds if they put an actual bear in the ring with McGregor and Mayweather; McGregor would have to take out the bear first.


Why McGregor? It’s simple. He’s insane. Mayweather has gigantic houses, stacks of money, and fleets of cars. He’s opulent and grandiose. That’s a lot to live for. He also smiles, McGregor doesn’t.

McGregor sits with his back to the wall; eyes constantly scanning for targets in the room. The gorilla eating a human heart tattoo across his chest isn’t metaphorical, its intent is rather straightforward. Physically, McGregor is of the type the Celts put into baskets and hurled over castle walls. The basket would break open and out would roll a rabid foamed-mouth blur of muscle and sinew. More simply put, McGregor is the guy that stripped naked, worked his mind up into a fury of madness and with two swords in hands ran headlong into the armored ranks of legions of Roman soldiers. This was effective because the Romans ultimately couldn’t take the onslaught. In time, they built Hadrian’s Wall to keep those insane Barbarians out.

Mayweather let Justin Bieber walk with him to the ring before his fight with Cotto. That fight was largely unsatisfactory because Cotto tried to fight Mayweather. You can’t beat Mayweather if you try to fight him. And honestly I don’t know if Mayweather is beatable. But we haven’t seen what could happen if you tried to kill him. That’s what McGregor would do and it would likely be entertaining.

In short, McGregor hasn’t yet proved his worth with his fists in a big time fight in the UFC. He’s got a title shot against Jose Aldo looming even without having beaten any highly ranked fighters. I see this a major flaw for the UFC. If McGregor doesn’t pan out, then it may damage the sport and drive fans away because the quality won’t be worth the ticket price. Time has yet to tell its full story for McGregor. And he’s going to have to show his body can live up to his mouths hype.

Check out a recent UFC 189 Tour press conference, where McGregor displays his personality to the full effect (fast forward to 3:00 to see the fun stuff).

Mayweather has two fights left. The first against Pac-man Pacquiao in early-May. He’s also hinted at a final fight in September, then he’s likely to retire to his palaces. Perhaps he’ll run for office, as a Republican. #mindblown

Till next time, I cannot chew bubblegum and walk at the same time. Follow me @Deepdfspicks.