(MMA) – “McGregor is a great fighter if he can use his legs as good as his fists,” said Van Damme. What he has that not too many people have is the eye. Emelianenko was not really in shape, but his eye. He’s got that, but what McGregor has is hunger and he’s training every day. “After this fight I would love to spend some time with him to elevate the knee even better and not make mistakes. Turning around like that, it’s fantastic. He’s got the speed but a guy like Aldo can get inside him. That’s dangerous.”


JCVD aka the Muscles from Brussels teaming up with arguably the most intense/scariest/skilled fighter in the UFC today? Uh check please I’LL TAKE THAT IMMEDIATELY. If McGregor has made it this far without any type of major apprenticeship then just wow; imagine what he could become with a Belgian Sensei?! No matter what level of fighter you are… pretty sure you could always learn a thing or two from this absolute legend



McGregor better pounce on this opportunity soon before UFC institutes snake/tiger pit PPV matches. That’s when it will really come in handy. Also could be sweet learning how to do a full split. That shit would be so intimidating at the weigh-in stare-down. NEED IT.