Hi all! I must confess, I’m not only your favorite contributor to the Playbook Blog here, but I’m also a time traveler. I’ve come from the past with all the funny you may have missed. And without further ado!

The most awkward threesome ever…and they took pics of it! Stephen Curry and Andre Igoudala just got a little sugary with the Larry O’Brien Trophy just minutes after locking up the NBA title against the Cavs this week. The boys had a good laugh, but what about the trophy’s feelings? She didn’t ask for that!

Moving on to the X-Games that just wrapped up in Austin Texas.  We have this insane video from Mike “Hucker” Clark attempting to break the bonds of gravity with a wicked backflip while spinning a Go-Pro from his helmet.

Add that to the list of things this fat kid could never do without soiling himself.

In case you missed it, here is J.R. Smith riding a mini-segway. You’d think at 6’6″ he’d be worried about hitting his head.


Now for the weather report. It appears to be raining red, black and white paper in Chicago. Some experts are calling it the perfect storm of midwestern hockey glory, facial hair, and beer cheese; but my money is on global warming. Really screwy global warming.

Joey Gallo has a history of at least one bad life choice. He attended prom in the dreaded black shirt/white tie combo…WITH GREG MADDUX’s daughter, Paige! Listen, Joey unless you’re in the mob or starring in a Jersey Shore reunion that combo just doesn’t fly. You play for the Texas Rangers, save that outfit for when you visit New York and walk through Little Italy.


Now for some news out of the minor leagues. Self-proclaimed presidential candidate for the 2048 election and current baseball prospect in the Yankees farm, Wes Wilson hit his first professional home run the other night in the 17th inning after catching 15-innings, pitched two perfect innings, and won the game with his first home run. Well played, Wes. But that’s not where the story ends for Wes. You see the bullpen scrambled after the young fan that caught the home run ball and traded for the ball back. But their endeavor was not altruistic, the bullpen then proceeded to scribe the following ransom note for Wes.

Apple stock? New shoes? Steak dinner? That is a nice laundry list of goodies and stuff just to get back the first ball a baseball player knocked over the fences.  But buying 10 shares of Apple that is going to cost Wes over $1,200 at today’s price! Better call your broker, Wes! This carries forward what the Indians’ Bullpen did to Brandon Moss after he hit his 100th home run back in early-June of this season.

By comparison, Wes is getting off cheap because the Indians’ Bullpen demanded a small fortune in Apple products but then again he hasn’t hit the big league pay day either.

Till next time, I’ll take a steak over apples any day.