Let’s get right to the meat of things with Tuesday’s suggestions:

Stud Pitchers

Johnny Cueto, Reds ($11, 800) – Considering his monster season and that Cueto is facing a less-than-stellar Cubs team, he’s an auto-recommendation from me. Cueto averages 25.3 FPPG, so you are getting what you pay for. If I’m going the superstar pitching route Cueto is my guy.

Jake Peavy, Giants ($8,800) – Peavy gives you a downgrade from Cueto, but the $3,000 savings could come in handy overall on Tuesday. He’s been pitching extremely well over his last six games, picking up five wins while averaging just a little under seven innings and six strikeouts for DFS owners.


Value Pitchers

Rick Porcello, Tigers ($7,400) – There’s a pretty big split between Porcello’s home/road numbers this season, with the young lefty faring much better on the road with a 2.43 ERA. Plus, he’s picked up double-digit points in four out of the last five games started. Porcello isn’t a lock for a win, but I do like his chances overall.

Josh Collmenter, Diamondbacks ($6,900) – Surprisingly enough, Collmenter has been pitching very well. He’s been averaging 23.3 FPPG over his last four starts. Collmenter pitches significantly better on the road and gives DFS owners a great value at the price, assuming he can beat or stay with the hot Jake Peavy.


Stud Hitters

Russell Martin, C, Pirates ($4,600) – Martin is a freaking master at home this season (.350/.480/.402). Seriously? A .480 on-base percentage in 157 at-bats? Sheesh. Martin is a wonderful play, although eight of his nine homers have been on the road. Strange, but you have to take advantage of Martin at home.

Jose Abreu, 1B, White Sox ($4,900) – Abreu has seen a $600 drop in salary over the last week or so, but he’s hit two homers in back-to-back games and is sitting at a very desirable sub-$5000 salary. Jump on Abreu while he’s hot (6 for his last 10, two homers, four runs and three RBI) and the salary is reasonable.

Dee Gordon, 2B/SS, Dodgers ($4,900) – Gordon saw a huge jump in salary, $4100 to $4900 over the last day, with his nice run over the last week or so. Gordon is 14-for-40 over his last eight games and he’s still stealing bases, which is where his value lies.

Josh Harrison, 3B/OF, Pirates ($4,600) – Consistency is an issue with Harrison of late from game-to-game, although when he’s on he’s given DFS owners at least 14 points. Harrison’s salary has stayed steady for the most part, but he’s an option I’m looking at considering his multi-positional eligibility.

Michael Brantley, OF, Indians ($5,200) – Here we go again. Brantley and his bat are saving DFS owners yet again. The price is not my cup of tea usually, but any player that can give you over nine points a game on average is okay in my book.

Matt Kemp, OF, Dodgers ($4,700) – The value on Kemp isn’t as good as it was just one day ago  – I suggested him for Monday’s games  and  he already has a homer with two RBI in the game – with a $600 jump in salary. However, I’m riding him in Colorado and still consider his price tag worthy of rostering.


Value Hitters

Rajai Davis, OF, Tigers ($3,800) – Come on, you know you thought Davis would fade away and have no value at all moving forward. Well, that quite hasn’t happened although the Tigers do shuffle players in and out of the outfield quite often. Davis is still stealing bases and hitting for average.

Drew Stubbs, OF, Rockies ($3,700) – Stubbs hits almost 100 points higher at home at Coors Field. Plus, 12 of his 14 homers have come in Colorado where the thin air seems to really play well into Stubbs’ game. Get Stubbs in there asap.

Marwin Gonzalez, 3B/SS, Astros ($2,800) – Gonzalez should only be used in the capacity to fill-out your roster. He’s not someone you want to choose based on streaks, although Gonzalez is putting up positive point production overall. Keep your expectations lowered, and use him as a middle or corner fill-out option.

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