Congrats to the Toronto Blue Jays for beating the odds and a division full of stacked super rich teams, always cool seeing a perennially terrible team reverse the curse for some true excitement. Clearly the mid-season trade for David Price and Troy Tulowitzki has worked out in SPADES.

The best addition to the team though? That would be utility man/interview extraordinaire Munenori Kawasaki. He doesn’t speak often but when he does it’s PURE gold. Here’s some of his past hits..








A monkey never cramps cause he eats TWO bananas..



And last night Kawa gave us the funniest moment of the locker room celebration as well. Too drunk already to even eat his bananas, speak words, or understand English. This IS how championship teams are built…



At a distant but still impressive 2nd place, Josh Donaldson also whipped out some A+ Stone Cold Steve Austin quotes to join in the craziness. With no dog in the fight I’m wondering if I gotta root for the Blue Jays now?

We did learn this summer it is a BAD idea to root against Drake…