Yesterday in Houston an Astros fan threw back a Pujol’s homerun and now a Rangers fan has continued the Anti-Slugger Texas Trend. Really a microcosm of what I said yesterday here. Teixeira blasted two deep balls but only one got thrown back. Can’t really blame the first guy for not stepping up though.

It’s pretty tough throwing em away ESPECIALLY when you beat out Turd Ferguson to centerfield for it..





Thankfully the man who caught Tex’s go-ahead homerun gave us the Texas reaction we all deserved AND needed..




Must’ve done something to inspire the Rangers too because soon after, Josh Hamilton stepped on up and delivered a walk off hit..



Whipped Cream all around! Another lesson of why you should always ALWAYS find the inner strength to throw back a homerun ball! (With gusto)

PS: RIP this draft class :(