Come on down and meet the 2015 NL Champs everybody! Literally zero humans on Earth, ESPECIALLY Mets fans, saw this one coming but now it is oh so real. The New York Mets are going to the WORLD SERIES folks! Can you believe it? Honestly not sure what’s more unbelievable… the Mets being good or Daniel Murphy being OH SO GOOD.

Gotta imagine it’ll be hard for him to keep up this hotstreak with such a long layoff until the Fall Classic begins but really who knows. I thought he had NO shot to go yard again last night and he showed me where to stick it. Deep into the bleachers and deeper into the night..



Even if Murphy can’t keep up this torrid pace (and who could blame him if he did) this is still an incredibly historic postseason we’re witnessing. Matching records set by some dude named Gehrig will do that I guess.

Here’s to hoping the Blue Jays somehow pull of an upset this weekend… need a Murphy VS. Mini-Bautista matchup in the worst way.