Yesterday I wrote about how weird the Orioles game was going to be without fans at Camden Yards. It was weird. It was also REALLY fast.

The Orioles beat the White Sox in a game that took TWO HOURS AND THREE MINUTES. Aside from there being no bottom of the 9th since the home team was leading, the only variable here is obviously the fans. Just the night before, the game that I watched (pieces of) at Fenway Park took FOUR HOURS AND ONE MINUTE.

Maybe MLB should think about playing every game closer to the one they did with no fans in the ballpark
MLB should consider playing every game as if no fans are in the ballpark

A two hour difference just to put on a show for the fans? No thank you. Let’s figure this out, MLB.

The O’s game wasn’t even some flukey 1-0 shutout where the starters threw gems either. Baltimore won 8-2 and each team used three pitchers to get through the game. In other words, the 10 runs and six pitchers made this a totally legit, seemingly normal baseball game.

Obviously, with fans in the building you have to take a little bit more time for giveaways, or messages on the scoreboard and little things here and there, but there is nooo wayyy that we can’t find a way to shave the average time of a MLB game down to two hours and 30 minutes.

If MLB has been bluffing all along, they just tipped their hand in this game in Baltimore. We know what the possibilities are now. Games can be played in the same amount of time it takes for a NBA or NHL game, or at least close to it. Hey baseball, speed it up! Because now we just don’t think you can do it, we know you can.

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