There are three games in the late afternoon on Wednesday (if you include a 6:10 game in Cleveland, which we do), and another twelve at night, which means there is great DFS action going on for hours and hours, all day long. What fun. The players below are a few guys you can consider for your lineups, at every position and price range. All players are going in the late contests unless otherwise noted. Good luck!

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Starting Pitchers


Matt Harvey @ ChC ($10,400) – The no-brainer of the day, if you’ve got the money to spend. The Cubs, for all the hype surrounding their prospects (who do look impressive), just aren’t hitting, and Harvey could easily be the pitcher to get the Mets a much-needed win.


Francisco Liriano @ PHI ($8,900) – You have to love a solid pitcher, with this matchup, who you don’t have to break the bank to roster. No offense to Mets fans, but you could be getting the best pitching performance of the day for less than max cost, which is always a value. Liriano only has one win on the season, despite throwing six innings or more basically every time out, with zero or one run three times and two more quality starts on top of that. With a WHIP under 1, and an average of seven K’s per outing, he should be a shoo-in get you those numbers, seven innings and a win against this lineup.


Jason Hammel vs. NYM ($7,700) – With Hammel facing off against Harvey, it’s a tough night to predict a win, but he is averaging double-digit fantasy points even in the games where he doesn’t notch a W. Suffice it to say I don’t expect a lot of runs in this one.

Hector Santiago vs. COL ($6,200) – He is averaging just over 5 Ks and around six innings per game so far on the young season, and he has gone over 20 fantasy points three times, including once when he didn’t record the victory. He should be able to keep the Rockies at bay in Los Angeles at least long enough to give himself a shot at the win and a solid fantasy performance on cheap dollars.



Evan Gattis vs. Tim Hudson ($4,700) – No question about it, Gattis has been struggling compared to what some peoples’ expectations may have been before the year. But the power is still there, and Hudson allows enough contact that you can at least have a reasonable expectation that Gattis gets a piece of  one tonight.


Stephen Vogt vs. Wade Miley ($4,000) – EARLY – Stephen Vogt is maybe the easiest call at the catcher position so far this season, and I don’t care that his price is now skirting the line between what’s normally a “stud” vs. a “value.” The way he has been going, with the other options available to you here, this is still a value. And, it is also the beginning of a trend – there is a good chance you see plenty of A’s hitters on this list, because unless Miley changes something around pretty dramatically, he is vulnerable enough to make this game the one that draws you into an early contest.


Salvador Perez @ Yovani Gallardo ($3,800) – The answer to last week’s Vogt, if you want to save a couple hundred bucks. He is maintaining that slugging % over .400, and playing basically every day. For a yearly league, a plug and play option at catcher like that is invaluable, as long as he stays healthy. In DFS, you don’t have to worry about that. Feel free to take full advantage while he is going good. 

Derek Norris @ Taijuan Walker ($3,400) – Norris has been striking the ball hard this season, racking 14 doubles to go along with his pair of home runs, which has led to a slugging % more than .050 higher than what you’ve seen in his career so far. And the matchup doesn’t hurt either. 

First Basemen


Miguel Cabrera vs. Ricky Nolasco ($4,900) – Love me some Tigers in this one. Nolasco has yet to make it through more than five innings, or give up fewer than three runs, and the Tigers are not the kind of offense to let that opportunity slide by.

Chris Davis vs. Aaron Sanchez ($4,500) – Sanchez looked great last time out, against a sliding Red Sox at the time, but I don’t know if I am ready to buy him as the model of consistency just yet. Davis is still slugging over .500 with an OPS over .800, despite the .243 average.


Kyle Blanks vs. Yordano Ventura ($3,700) – He started off hot, and he has stayed that way, so far. It might change, but you don’t have to marry him. NOTE: Watch for potential delays in this game, the only one with a threat of weather having an impact.

Billy Butler vs. Wade Miley ($3,500) – EARLY – Yup, there will definitely be plenty of A’s on this list. He went 0-5 last night, but that’s what you get with inconsistent hitters. If there was a day the whole team could succeed, Miley certainly seems poised to be a guy to let it happen.

Second Basemen


Jose Altuve vs. Tim Hudson ($5,000) – With eleven steals to go along with his twelve extra base hits, he is not just the best second base options, but one of the best options of the day, period. His recent move to second in the order hasn’t hurt his opportunities or ability to score runs (17 already), so there is nothing to worry about with this elite option.

Robinson Cano vs. James Shields ($4,300) – Shields is another pitcher who allows plenty of contact, and Cano can still rake when he connects. He hasn’t been showing signs of his old power this season, but he is still someone who can show up in a big way for you at any time.


Danny Espinosa @ Jeremy Hellickson ($3,700)EARLY – Hellickson is another reason to want in on the early action today, and Espinosa has been able to make the most out of a .267 average, slugging over .450 with an OPS over .800.

Martin Prado @ Carlos Frias ($3,700) – Prado is another option who has been surprisingly consistent, with at least one hit in eight of his last ten.

Third Basemen


Adrian Beltre vs. Yordano Ventura ($4,500) – Again, watch out for the weather, but with two hits in three straight games (including two home runs), Beltre seems to be heating up, and I for one, love to take advantage of a hot streak.

Manny Machado vs. Aaron Sanchez ($4,300) – With five steals and six home runs, Machado seems so far like he’s going to be able to hammer the ball like the corner infielder he is, with a little something extra on top. He is only 22 years old, and his power and speed numbers are both improving, so at this point, we just can’t underestimate his potential. A .280+ average with those other attributes mixed in could make for a fantasy-MVP caliber player down the line.


Justin Turner vs. Jerred Cosart ($3,900) – Just check the lineup before the game and plug him in if he’s starting. He;s slugging over .650 and he isn’t playing every day. But with the way he is hitting, it’s hard to imagine him sitting on the bench sometimes, until he steps up and drills a pinch-hit home run for you. Dodgers fans have got to love this guy.

Jose Iglesias vs. Ricky Nolasco ($3,300) – I don’t mean to pile on Ricky Nolasco. It’s not as if he’s a bad pitcher. Not really. But this offense might make you believe that for a little while tonight.




Andrelton Simmons @ Raisel Iglesias ($4,700) – With an OPS approaching .800, the Braves moved him up in the order a couple of weeks ago and haven’t looked back. With fourteen runs scored in the last ten games, you can see why.

Alcides Escobar @ Yovani Gallardo ($4,100) – With two hits in four out of five games since his return from the DL, it’s safe to say he didn’t try to get back too soon.


Marcus Semien @ Wade Miley ($3,900) – EARLY – Oh man, another Oakland player? I am so sorry Wade Miley.

Brandon Crawford @ Brett Oberholtzer ($3,700) – Crawford has five doubles to go along with his five home runs, which might make you think he’d have more than seventeen RBI, but well, that’s the Giants for you. The hope is that they can get the line moving against Oberholtzer in his first start of the year, but that remains to be seen, certainly.



Mike Trout vs. Jordan Lyles ($5,100) – Lyles just gives up a lot of baserunners. Five walks in two of his last four starts, at least five hits in every appearance. And lots of easy singles and free bases is not what you want with a playmaker like Trout in the meat of the order.

Justin Upton @ Taijuan Walker ($4,800) – Eight home runs, six double, seven steals, 47 runs produced – he is the centerpiece of this offense, and he’s handling it perfectly. He still seems cheap to me with those numbers.

Giancarlo Stanton @ Carlos Frias ($4,700) – Did you see that home run?

Marlon Byrd vs. Eric Stults ($4,400) – He has power. Right now, that’s about it, but it’s enough when you hit it right. And the matchup with Stults, a lefty without a real overpowering pitch, gives you some hope tonight could be one of those nights.


Yoenis Cespedes vs. Ricky Nolasco ($4,000) – Wow, did Nolasco end up getting it worse than Miley? Um, well, I did want to concentrate more on the night games. Hmm. No, that’s not it. It’s Nolasco.

Colby Rasmus vs. Tim Hudson ($3,800) – He has 22 hits and 12 of them have gone for extra bases, which is both a negative and a positive I guess. He is clearly more successful against righties, so he should be out there.

Ezequiel Carrera @ Miguel Gonzalez ($3,600) – Maybe not the best matchup of all time for him, but it is not impossible to succeed against Gonzalez. Carrera is seeing everyday action as a result of Devon Travis’ injury, but with a best case scenario situation for a fill-in – established success at the plate this season (in a small sample size, granted), and an immediate move to the top of the lineup, in a good offense. A young player can’t ask for a better chance.

Chris Young @ Nathan Carns ($3,500) – Check the lineup, and if he is in there, make use of the inexpensive option. He likely won’t keep up the hot start, but while he is producing it’s hard to imagine him being held out of the lineup too often, which should make him a regular contributor for fantasy lineups, at least for now.

Good luck!