There are five day games today, so contests kick off at 1:35 EST, but most of the action lies with the Wednesday evening games. You can get your fill of Red Sox and Twins in either set, if you’re interested, as they play out a day-night doubleheader. Here are some players to target at every position and price range as you build your DFS lineups for both sets of contests. Assume all players below (including Sox and Twins) to be in the late game set, unless otherwise noted. Good luck!

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Starting Pitchers


Jon Lester @ MIA ($9,900) – The biggest no brainer of the day, the Marlins just don’t hit lefties, and Lester is not just any lefty. He is the kind of power pitcher who could really dominate this lineup. He’s given up a total of eight runs in his last six starts, going seven innings in five of those games.


Masahiro Tanaka @ SEA ($9,600) – EARLY – It almost seems as if they planned on bringing him back from the DL with a favorable matchup. Between Seattle’s bats and Taijuan Walker opposing him, he could easily have the kind of efficient, low pitch count game you want to see for a guy maybe just rounding back into form. He went 2-1 with an average of 6 K’s per outing in his four starts before the injury, so he could prove to be a very valuable play in this one, if you’re into the day contests.


Hector Santiago vs. TB ($7,100) – He has given up zero or one runs in four of his last five starts, pushing for double-digit K’s in all of them, therefore going over 20 fantasy fantasy points in all four of those contests. For $7,100, that all sounds almost too appealing.

Trevor May @ BOS ($5,700) – I think it is time we start looking at the Red Sox as a mediocre offense at best, at least until they prove otherwise. In the second game of today’s double-header, you could be looking at some sluggish, last-place hitters in both dugouts, and no matter what May does, with Porcello on the mound opposite, he has a chance at the win. If you happen to catch the first game between these two, though, watch out for Eduardo Rodriguez ($5,700), who threw 7.2 innings of shutout ball in his MLB debut last time out. He could get interesting in a hurry.



Carlos Santana @ Vargas ($4,400) – After hitting safely in his last three, his slugging percentage stands at well over .500 in their last ten games, and that has translated: his fantasy points average is also up 25% per game over that stretch.

Stephen Vogt @ Sanchez ($3,900) – Vogt just keeps it up. His pace hasn’t slacked at all, really, and that catcher eligibility isn’t going anywhere. You know how you get to a 9-point per game fantasy average? About half of your games are in double digits, that’s how. For a $3,900 catcher, I’ll take it.


Chris Ianetta vs. Karns ($3,800) – How he’s only $100 cheaper than Vogt, I don’t really know, but if you can’t find that $100 anywhere else, Ianetta is a fine choice, despite his dreadful slash line for the season. Most of that truly atrocious hitting came early on in the season, and his did hit .283 for the entire month of May.

Nick Hundley vs. Bolsinger ($3,500) – In what actually would look to be shaping up as a pitchers’ duel in any other park, Bolsinger and Bettis have both been throwing the ball lately. But it’s hard to imagine a game in Colorado without some offense, and lately, Hundley has been a big part of delivering just that.

First Basemen


Chris Davis @ McCullers ($4,700) – At this point in his career, even in his hot streaks, he is going to top out at an average around .260. But when he gets a piece, he just does so much damage, lining balls to all fields, that the fantasy points just pile up in a hurry when guys are on base around him. In this offense, .250 with elite power is enough to be on of the most valuable fantasy assets you can decide to add to your lineup.

Rizzo connects for an RBI double
Rizzo connects for an RBI double

Anthony Rizzo @ Haren ($4,700) – Rizzo is, seemingly as the dark horse, winning the battle of “next Cubs superstar” right now, and against some solid competition. He has now scored at least some non-zero amount of fantasy points in more than ten straight games, and has that six RBI upside he flashed last week that could come out at any given moment. Consistent + upside. Yes, please.


Michael Cuddyer @ Shields ($3,500)OK, San Diego isn’t a great park for hitters, but it’s not like Cuddyer generates really any of his value with his ability to leave the confines. He hits down the lines and into the gaps, and no matter what park you’re in, those are in the same spots. All this is a long way of saying that $3,500 seems too cheap for me for a guy who has been raking for a few weeks now.

Mark Reynolds vs. Nelson ($2,900) – EARLY – This is an instance where maybe, just maybe an injury in baseball created a cheaper option you might actually consider using. Reynolds will be filling in for Matt Adams, and even though he can’t hit for average, he DOES have some power, so when the matchup is right he could be a solid inexpensive choice.

Second Basemen


Jason Kipnis @ Vargas ($4,900) – He is keeping it going, with three multi-hit games in his last six, bringing his season slash line to .333/.404/.519.

Dustin Pedroia vs. May ($4,100) – Basically the only guy playing on the Red Sox right now, at least in any kind of way their fans can appreciate. He was moved to the top of the batting order six games ago, and is 10-24 with two HR and five RBI since then.


Chase Utley vs. Leake ($3,600) – Over the past month, he is hitting right around .280, which is not what you see when you look at his player card and see that glaring .207 staring back at you. I mean, that is one bad April. But maybe you can use that to your advantage, while ownership percentages and price are still depressed from the slow start.

Daniel Murphy @ Shields ($3,600) – The Mets 2B has been raking for a while now, much like Utley. He hit .330 in May, and has shown some signs of his power rounding into form as well, with four extra base hits in his last seven.

Third Basemen



Josh Donaldson @ Jordan ($5,500) – This is a nice matchup for all your Blue Jays, and that starts here at the hot corner. This guy is hitting .314/.374/.595 for the season, and he is doing WAY better than that lately. He is only picking up his pace, so that 15 home run total you see now could easily be north of 40 at year-end. He has had six games in double digits for fantasy in his last eight, including an absurd 48-point outburst that you needed to have in your lineup if you wanted to win, just about a week ago. That could happen any night – so fade him with caution. It’s gotten to that point.

Manny Machado @ McCullers ($4,300) – There should be guys on base for Machado on at least one occasion tonight, and that – combined with the flashes of power we’ve seen recently – could make for an explosive evening. With seven steals on the year as well, he not only has the skills to get you those supplemental fantasy points that DON’T rely on teammates, but he also puts himself in positions to rack up those counting stats.


Alex Rodriguez @ Taijuan Walker ($3,900) – EARLY – This feels kind of like picking Tiger for your daily fantasy golf lineup, doesn’t it? But hey, he’s producing, and has the juiciest matchup of the entire day (unfortunately, it is the day). But with eleven home runs and a .274 average, he’s making it tough to ignore him.

Alex Guerrero @ Bettis ($3,700) – An inexpensive bat on pace for 40 home runs, playing in Coors Field. It’s like chasing a ghost. He sat the night game yesterday but should be back out there today.



Troy Tulowitzki vs. Bolsinger ($5,000) – With three home runs in his last four games, he has bounced back from a little mini-slump (which, for him, consists mainly of a bunch of singles). Bolsinger has pitched well, so it is hard to just carpet-bomb your roster with Rockies like you might normally consider, but it is tough to behave as if this is going to be a truly low-scoring game. And when the Rockies score runs, as often as not, Tulo had something to do with it.

Jose Reyes @ Jordan ($4,500) – Reyes isn’t a power guy, but he does have the ability to swipe a bag here and there, which is at least as consistent as home runs for a lot of players. He has two in the past week, to be precise. And with the way the Jays offense has been playing – and could play tonight with a nice matchup – Reyes could end up in a position to either score or drive in a run or two, or both.


Erick Aybar vs. Karns ($3,600) – He has now hit safely in 20 out of 22 games, a stretch that has included eight multi-hit contests. He is giving you 5-10 fantasy points every night, with 20 point upside. Look around him in the list of players, and that kind of consistent production (and upside) is just very simply not going to be what you see.

Addison Russell @ Haren ($3,600) – He doesn’t hit for quite the same average as his infield partner Castro, but he has gotten on base and hit for power from the very beginning, which is how a kid like this ends up being able to maintain a .730 OPS through 36 games.



Joc Pederson @ Bettis ($5,100) – I mean, he’s playing in Colorado. He’s had three games in Colorado this week so far, and he has homered in each of them. He hit one off a lefty and a couple off of righties. He has hit them to different parts of the park. And he has hit them really, really far. Might as well take advantage before he leaves town.


Andrew McCutchen @ Hudson ($4,800) – EARLY – It’s too bad, really – the decision of whether or not to start him is a tough one, and frankly, one fantasy owners should have to make tonight. Do I dare leave him out there, just waiting for someone else to use him to beat me? Or do I bite the bullet and spend up. For $4,800, I know the answer to that one, at least for me.

Justin Upton @ Gee ($4,400) – He hasn’t hit in either of the last two games, but before that, he had done so in eight straight, a run that included FIVE multi-hit games. The offense in general hasn’t been able to get going, though, which brings down Upton’s ability to actually turn his on-field production into fantasy points. But against Gee, I would expect at least a couple of runs, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Upton played a central role in that.

Torii Hunter @ Porcello ($4,300) – Another name that seems like a blast from the past almost, Hunter is hitting over .300 for the past few weeks, and with ten doubles and seven home runs on the season, the power is not even all gone. He is the kind of veteran presence any contender would want, especially when you factor in the idea that he can actually still hit. He has always played well in Fenway, so you should expect to see him give at least one a ride towards those weird angles out near the bullpen. Just no sure he could stretch into a triple anymore, even with a weird bounce.


Leonys Martin vs. Sale ($3,800) – You obviously don’t love the matchup, but it is not as if Sale has been untouchable (well, except in his last start). But even if you don’t draft him tonight, let this serve as notice to you that Martin is now hitting significantly better than he did early on (OPS of 1.132 over his last 31 at-bats).

Delmon Young @ McCullers ($3,600) – Another player doing much better lately, and he has the solid matchup to go along with it. He could be one of several O’s in your lineup, as they will all have shots to try to produce some runs. He had 33 fantasy points in a game just the other day, and most days he manages to get north of zero, which might not count as consistent, but does count as a safe choice, if you need a cheap option who won’t ruin anything for you.

Chris Coghlan @ Haren ($3,400) – I am always surprised when I see his name so far down this list, which I think is a good sign for his value. He is maintaining a pace of 5-ish fantasy points every night, getting on base at a much better clip than his batting average might suggest, and when you are looking for inexpensive production, 5-ish points is not nothing. Literally. Because often, you’ll actually get exactly nothing for $3,400.

Aaron Hicks @ Porcello ($3,300) – Hicks is another consistent source of 5-ish fantasy points – the issue of course being that, even against a guy like Porcello, the upside just isn’t there. He doesn’t have a ton of speed or power, but he plays in a halfway decent offense and he gets on base, a good combo when you’re looking to spend short money.

Good luck!