With eleven games and a few certified studs on the mound, finding hitting options might be tough for Monday’s DFS action. Here are some players you can thinking about targeting at every position and price range. Good luck!

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Starting Pitchers



Felix Hernandez vs. NYY ($11,600) – They call him King Felix for a reason. He throws too many strikes to be thrown off by the Yanks’ patience, so they just better be able to hit him. Good luck with that.

Jacob deGrom @ SD ($9,700) – In a pitchers’ park, against a middle of the road offense, and with as solid a chance as a Met is going to get at the W, facing off against Andrew Cashner. He has thrown 15+ innings and recorded 20 K’s in his last two outings.



Clay Buchholtz vs. MIN ($7,000) – The Red Sox are not playing well right now, and Clay is getting even less run support than other staff members, so he is just not piling up the victories. And despite that, he’s been consistently in the mid-teens or above for fantasy points. If the Sox do scrape together a few runs for him in this one, he is definitely one of the lower-priced pitchers with the highest upside, if that’s what you’re going for. At least 7.1 innings in each of his last three, no more than two earned runs in any of those, with 19 total K’s. I don’t think the Sox swoon is his fault.

Mike Pelfrey @ BOS ($4,600) – Not a ton of upside, but what do you expect for $4,600. His ceiling is probably in the low-20”s, as he’s not going to pile up a ton of K’s. But he just went seven innings and earned the win with a 5-hit 1-run performance against the Sox a few days ago. And if you’re worried that they’ve figured him out, remember, they need to figure themselves out first.




Evan Gattis vs. Jiminez ($4,900) – Well, here’s a stat for you – in his career, Gattis is 3-for-4 with a HR and a double against Jiminez. So there’s that.

Buster Posey vs. Cole ($4,100) – He’s not someone who experiences a big drop-off in batting average against lefties, with his average close against either side, and with five extra-base hits in 39 at-bats, his power numbers might actually be a little bit better. But if the matchup still doesn’t feel right, and it makes you want to either spend up for Gattis or really try to save at this position, I can’t say I would blame you.


Yadier Molina vs. Fiers ($3,800) – Listen, you know it – your possible catcher options are limited without taking a complete shot in the dark, and Molina has been productive, and is has one of the better matchups on the board with Fiers. He only has three career hits off him, but he could be in line for bumps in the counting stats department just by virtue of being a part of an offense that is clicking and could chew up a starting pitcher not 100% on top of his game.

Miguel Montero vs. Urena ($3,500) – Sometimes it’s hard to know why he even costs this much, but he has been getting most of the playing time, and has just about the best possible matchup on the board against Urena tonight, so you might expect to see plenty of Cubbies in this space.


First Basemen



Paul Goldschmidt vs. Wood ($5,300) – Goldschmidt hammers everyone, so this pick is not because Alex Wood is a lefty. I would say it’s got more to do with the 2-for-2 with a HR lifetime numbers Goldschmidt has against him. Oh and also the .900+ slugging % he’s be working at over the last two weeks. That too.

Freddie Freeman @ Bradley ($4,300) – I guess these two picks back-to-back means I expect some runs in this one. These two offenses could use an explosive game to fire them up right now, and it could come at each others’ expense.



Michael Cuddyer @ Cashner ($3,600) – I know, picking hitters in San Diego isn’t always the best advice, but I want to pick a Met, any Met, in this matchup. No matter how friendly the ballpark, Cashner isn’t tossing a no-hitter tonight, and Cuddyer is the Met I want most right now. He’s hit safely now in six straight, and I like that streak to get to seven.

Logan Morrison vs. Michael Pineda ($3,400) – It’s hard to tell when looking at his season numbers, but he has actually been playing well lately. He his just about .280 for May, bringing his average up almost .050 points from where it was at the end of April, and those numbers look even better just over the past couple of weeks.


Second Basemen


Dee Gordon vs. Hammel ($4,600) – He has been getting on base a lot lately, which has led to eight steals in just his past ten games. What offense he’s creating, he’s doing it by himself – it’s fun to imagine what his numbers would look like with a few legit power hitters behind him in the order.

Dustin Pedroia vs. Pelfrey ($4,400) – Basically the only member of the Red Sox who looks fully, 100% competent, he has been hitting all year, and has picked up the pace recently, hitting well over .300 and slugging over .500 for the past couple of weeks. If only he could steal a bag a night, he’s be able to sneak some runs across for the Sox the way Gordon is doing down in Miami.




Addison Russell @ Urena ($3,900) – Russell is trending in all the right directions. He’s been hitting well recently, but it doesn’t seem like a random spike – it seems like improvement. It’s almost enough to make you wish you were a Cubs fan – they have plenty of reasons to be excited in Wrigleyville. Maybe not this year, but soon. Soon, really. Maybe. Eventually, anyway. It has to happen eventually.

Daniel Murphy @ Cashner ($3,500) – Probably the last Met you will see on this list, Murphy has been on fire lately, waiting on everyone but Cuddyer to catch up with him so he can start scoring and driving in some runs. He is hitting .408 over his last ten games with an OPS over .900, and Cashner might give up just enough hits to some of his teammates to make those kinds of numbers translate into fantasy relevancy.


Third Basemen


Kris Bryant @ Urena ($5,000) – Yes, I am picking on Urena. Why not? But also, Davis is on a tear, with three home runs in his last nine games. He has managed to accumulate 32 RBI on a team that doesn’t hit. I’m impressed.

Justin Turner @ Kendricks ($4,300) – He is hitting over .300, which in my book counts as consistency. (“One out of three gets you in the hall of fame.”) But he also has five home runs, and against Kendricks, in Colorado, that counts as upside.


Yasmany Tomas vs. Wood ($3,900) – He doesn’t have a ton of speed or power, but he is sitting pretty in a lineup that could do some damage tonight, and he is always around, always involved. You just have to make sure it isn’t going to be Aaron Hill tonight, but if it’s not, Tomas is a good value at this price with the way he’s been playing lately.

Jace Peterson @ Bradley ($3,400) – With back-to-back multi-hit games and at least one hit in four straight, his price has gone up some over the past week. But in what could be a high-scoring game that you want to make sure you have a piece of, he’s an affordable piece, with upside.




Jhonny Peralta vs. Fiers ($4,200) – One of my favorite picks of the day, he’s been the best hitter on a good hitting team lately, with five extra base hits in his last seven games, including four doubles and a pair of home runs. That’s how to help your team (and your team).

Starlin Castro @ Urena ($4,000) – I don’t expect the Cubs to score 20 runs tonight. I know I have recommended a bunch of them, but that’s because I DO expect some runs. They’ve got to come from somewhere – people will score them, other people will drive them in, maybe some people will do both. Castro is typically involved. If you build around a few of these guys, some of them, at least, won’t let you down.


Erick Aybar vs. Colome ($3,800) – All of a sudden, out of nowhere, he’s got three steals in his past eight games (and also three steals on the season). If this keeps up, which we’ve seen him do in the past, it’s almost as good as a power surge.

Nick Ahmed vs. Wood ($2,900) – Check the lineup before you go with this one – he does sit more than his fair share of games, but with the power he’s been displaying recently, it’s hard to imagine him getting too much time off until he cools down again (which will happen at some point, probably soon – might as well take advantage now).




Andrew McCutchen @ Vogelsong ($5,100) – He is just killing it right now, with an OPS over 1.2 for the past couple weeks. He is hitting for power, and running the bases, being the catalysrt for a very nice Pittsburgh offense, just like he was last year, and just like we were expecting again. Plus, apparently, he’s a good guy. Good enough for me.

Joc Pederson @ Kendricks ($4,900) – With thirteen home runs, including three in his last nine games, he is an obvious candidate to be considered for your lineup when they are playing in Colorado. He’s 0-5 in his career against Kendricks if that gives you pause, but all it takes is one.

Starling Marte @ Vogelsong ($4,500) – So, I don’t start rattling off Pirates until I get to the OF section. Sue me. These guys are good. It’s not often you come across a team whose two best offensive weapons are both in the outfield, but here you go. Marte started off hotter than McCutchen, and now McCutchen is the one on fire, but they’ve both been solid all year. And together, they form a 1-2 punch that can single-handedly pace an offense. If you just can’t quite manage to squeeze that extra $600 out of your lineup, Marte is a nice consolation prize.

A.J. Pollock @ Wood ($4,200) – A .325 average that includes seven extra-base hits in his last ten games, and it isn’t a fluke. He’s maintained an OPS well over .800 all season long. You can trust him, and you can root for huge numbers from him, and do it with realistic hopes it might actually happen. It’s a nice feeling.



Steven Souza, Jr. @ Richards ($3,800) – He’s the hottest hitter on the Rays right now, and coming off a 3-hit performance last night. You’re not going to be sneaking up on anyone with this pick, but you very likely won’t regret it at this price, either.

Chris Coghlan @ Urena ($3,700) – I continue to be surprised he doesn’t cost more, but maybe that’s just the hype machine. He is barely hitting above the mendoza line. But he has also hit safely in five of six games, and is one of those players who comes by his 5 point per game average honestly, without a bunch of huge games skewing the results.

Jason Heyward vs. Fiers ($3,700) – I feel like I have been recommending him a lot lately, and why not? A guy basically hitting .300 over the past month, in a good lineup that can score runs in bunches, and now facing a pitcher who doesn’t exactly strike fear into your heart (even if he’s not a complete pushover). I like Heyward again tonight.

Nick Markakis @ Bradley ($3,500) – Sometimes I like to just take this opportunity to point out the fact that someone you would never normally use has a good matchup. If you are ok playing a guy without sky-high upside, and are ok with settling for a handful of points from a cheap option, look no further.


Good luck!