With only two games starting up prior to 7:05, most of the DFS action Friday is with the evening contests. If you were desperate to get those Marlins, Cubs, Giants and Nationals into your lineups, I am sorry, but there are still plenty of good options to explore. Here are some of those guys I think you should target – at every position and price range. Good luck!

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Starting Pitchers


Clayton Kershaw vs. NYM ($13,100) – It has been four starts since he last earned a victory, but he’s gone at least 6.2 innings and given up no more than three earned runs in any of those starts. Even with out the winner’s bump, he is averaging 26.5 fantasy points over that span. He is the very definition of “consistent + upside.” Consistently not killing you with at least 20+ points, but with 50+ upside? No wonder he costs this much.

Michael Wacha vs. SD ($9,900) – You don’t get a 1.10 WHIP after fifteen starts without putting yourself in a position to get a lot of wins. And in addition to limiting the negative, he also manages to create some value for himself, averaging about just about five K’s per start.



Ubaldo Jimenez @ CWS ($7,500) – He’s got 89 strikeouts in fifteen starts, or six every time out. Just that and a few innings is worth 15 fantasy points, and in a good matchup, against a pitcher his team could definitely beat, I like his potential in this one.

Justin Masterson vs. HOU ($5,100) – I like his potential a lot less, but I think he could get you to the 16-20 fantasy point range in this matchup, which isn’t going to win you any contests. But at this price you could pair him with Kershaw and still have room left in the budget for more than one elite hitter.



Matt Wieters @ Danks ($4,000) – He’s got six hits in 24 at-bats against Danks in his career, including two doubles and two home runs. It would only take one to leave you satisfied with your selection.


Stephen Vogt vs. Happ ($3,800) – Vogt is the best example of the year so far of how much eligibility at multiple positions can affect a player’s value. At 1B, you’d never really play him much. At catcher, he is a very viable option. It’s not necessarily a good thing when your OBP is higher than your slugging %, but that’s why his price is suppressed – there is not necessarily that much upside all that often, but he rarely leaves you high and dry.

Yadier Molina vs. Cashner ($3,300) – Over the past few weeks, he has strung together multiple hitting streaks of five, six or seven games, steadily raising his season numbers to where they sit now, at .292/.336/.374. In order to get there, he has been consistently hitting well over .300 and slugging over .500 for weeks now.

First Basemen


Paul Goldschmidt vs. Kendricks ($6,000) – The elusive six thousand dollar player, Goldschmidt is on pace for 30-home run 30-steal season, something that hasn’t happened in quite some time now. Over the past week and a half, his numbers are actually down. He’s only hitting .300. Shameful.


Prince Fielder vs. Richards ($4,400) – Fielder is 5-for-12 against Richards in his career (.417), a stat that pairs nicely with his .342/.410/.522 slash line. Those are all season long figures, obviously, but he has been maintaining them lately as well – this is no early-season streak skewing things, it is nothing but a model of consistency.


Wilin Rosario @ Anderson ($3,700) – Ben Paulsen is the only guy not necessarily loving Rosario’s bat lately. They were in a time share, but Rosario is making it hard to sit him down, with thirteen hits in his last 31 at-bats.

Logan Morrison @ Chavez ($3,400) – With three hits in twelve at-bats against Chavez, Morrison gives you a good shot at getting something for your last remaining dollars, and with nine home runs he’s not even completely devoid of upside.

Second Basemen


Jason Kipnis @ Morton ($4,900) – Yeah, I am just going to put him on this list over and over and over. Why not? There are a lot of other second basemen who do a lot of other great things, but there are none like him.

Jimmy Paredes @ Danks ($4,300) – He is hitting .319/.347/.520 on the year, and somehow, he has been doing a LOT better than that recently. Over the last ten days, his OPS is 1.230.


Rougned Odor vs. Richards ($3,700) – I know you have noticed. You must have. But I am here to remind you, to bring things back into focus, to sharpen your attention. And no matter how long it took him to get here, he is averaging 10 fantasy points a game for the price of someone who averages 6 right now. I am not telling you to trade the farm for him in your root leagues – I am telling you $3,700 doesn’t normally get you a farm, and that right there is the definition of value.

Logan Forsythe @ Tanaka ($3,000) – Tanaka has been a pitcher who throws to contact in his most recent starts, and Forsythe is just the kind of slap ground ball hitter who could manage to sneak a single or two through. He’s not a big upside play, but for what basically amounts to a minimum salary play, there is a good chance he gives you something useful.

Third Basemen


Miguel Cabrera vs. Hutchison ($5,000) – Cabrera is a full $1,000 cheaper than someone today. Amazing. In all seriousness, though, he hasn’t been hitting for a ton of power lately, but his price has actually dropped accordingly, and you don’t really get much safer.


Manny Machado @ Danks ($4,800) – He slugged .636 for the entire month of June, and he hasn’t really slowed down, with double digits in fantasy points five times in his last ten, and three times in his last five.


*Justin Turner vs. Syndergaard ($3,800) – Turner is another guy, like a few others on this list, who have been otherworldly hot for the recent past (whether one week or two or three or a month, depending on who you’re talking about). And with those guys, you are always afraid of the cliff. Because no one can keep up the pace forever. But the old cliche’ is also “never bet against a streak.” A guy is raking, and he has a good matchup, just go with it. It’s called daily fantasy sports – you can just change course when it stops, or when the next guy gets hot.



Troy Tulowitzki @ Anderson ($4,800) – The way he is raking right now, it almost makes me wonder if you get too much of a discount when he’s on the road. His power numbers do drop, of course, but the guy is still a .295 hitter on the road.


*Xander Bogaerts vs. Strailey ($3,700) * – The Red Sox have been a disappointment, but they’ve all been getting better. Mookie Betts, Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez have all been showing some signs of life. Bogaert’s started coming around a bit earlier, and has kept it up, with five doubles in the last week. That, and a spot in the meat of the order, all combined with an improved offense around him, means his day-to-day upside has definitely taken a step forward. 

J.J. Hardy @ Danks ($3,600) – I feel like I am picking on Danks, like he’s an easy target. But then I look at Hardy and I think, it’s not just Danks – he is slugging .533 over the past ten days, against everyone. But he is also hitting .348 against Danks for his career, with four doubles and a home run in 23 at-bats. OK, maybe I am picking on Danks. With good reason.




Ryan Braun @ Lorenzen ($5,100) – Braun is hitting .462 over the past week, with a home run and four doubles. He has twelve hits in his last six games, and the only other time he faced Lorenzen he went 2-for-3 with a home run.

Andrew McCutchen vs. Bauer ($4,800) – His average is up to .295 on the year, which is impressive enough. But keep in mind that that year-long number consists of a .337 mark in May and .330 in June. He hasn’t been hitting for a lot of power, but he is up to five steals, and with his ability to string together multi-hit games, there is still plenty of upside.

J.D. Martinez vs. Hutchison ($4,800) – He had three home runs in a game against the Yankees a couple of weeks ago, and he just keeps hitting them ever since. He is up to 20 now.

Jason Heyward vs. Cashner ($4,300) – He’s not slowing down yet, with six hits in his last four games (including two doubles), capping off a June in which he hit .326 and slugged .517.


Ben Revere @ Teheran ($3,700) – If you don’t want to trust the .380/.400/.725 slash line over the past ten days, he has also hit .308 in 14 career at-bats vs. Teheran. That’s four hits in fourteen tries, with, randomly, two triples. A triple would be nice.

Josh Hamilton vs. Richards ($3,500) – He’s barely got his feet wet on the season, not even having reached double-digits in games played. But he certainly showed up ready to play. He’s slashing .308/.400/.615 and has only been shut out in terms of fantasy points once.

Good luck!