Sunday’s Highlighted Contest

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Starting Pitchers


Stephen Strasburg vs. PHI ($10,100) – There’s an excellent chance that Strasburg bounces back in this start after two sub-level outings in 2015. The Phillies have only scored a total of 26 runs on the season, and while Strasburg has disappointed he isn’t going to continue like this for much longer. The salary is a bit high in my estimations, but you will net solid results.

Matt Harvey vs. MIA ($9,900)– With 17 strikeouts in two starts this season, it’s pretty difficult to ignore Harvey. Coming off major reconstructive surgery, it wasn’t clear how Harvey would perform, but early indications suggest he’s recovered just fine. Marlins’ hitters are only hitting .208 against Harvey, with ZERO home runs in 48 at-bats.


Rick Porcello vs. BAL ($6,500) – When setting my DFS lineups, one of the check marks I’m looking at: how deep will this pitcher go into a game? Porcello’s average innings pitched per start increased significantly enough (roughly 6.50 per GS in 2014) compared to the previous year. I like Porcello to go seven innings in this one, and assuming he can get by Chris Davis, who has solid history against him, then I like a 20-plus fantasy night from the Red Sox’ right-handed hurler.

Daniel Norris vs. ATL ($5,800) – It seems like the Blue Jays are pretty intent on letting Norris go deep into games assuming he gets more efficient, averaging 90-plus pitches in two starts in 2015. You’re not going to get 30-plus fantasy points from Norris, but 20 is certainly within his realm. There is massive potential in Norris this season.



Salvador Perez vs. Scott Kazmir – OAK ($4,100) – It’s possible Perez sits on Sunday to get some rest, but he’s done well against Scott Kazmir. Plus, dude is tearing the ball off the cover hitting 17-for-42 (.403 AVG) over 10 games. Perez has 11 hits in his last six games, just to break him down even further. You’ve got to ride the hot hand here.

Buster Posey vs. Jeremy Hellickson – ARI ($4,000) – Over his last seven starts, Posey has been hit-or-miss in his fantasy point production. Still, he’s arguably the best catcher-option in the game with his ability to hit for average from a high position in the batting order. Posey dropping to $4 K is a solid value overall.


Evan Gattis vs. Garrett Richards – LAA ($3,700) – You roster Gattis for his power – that’s it. I know there hasn’t been much sign of his booming stick early on, but he’s going to come around. Gattis has netted 22 fantasy points over his last two games, so maybe it’s a sign of good things to come.

J.T. Realmuto @ Matt Harvey – NYM ($3,300) – Realmuto will likely be in the lineup on Sunday, as he sat out of Saturday’s action. Although I’m not thrilled that he’s facing Matt Harvey, there hasn’t been any hitting-history here. Realmuto gives you a dirt-cheap option at catcher, but historically in the minors he’s been a very good hitter. Plus, he can steal bases too. Take a chance on the youngster.

First Basemen


Adrian Gonzalez vs. Eddie Butler – COL ($5,600) – Is there a hotter hitter for DFS play right now? Nope. Gonzalez is king right now (.550/.609/1.125), hitting everything in sight. His 17.7 FPPG average since the start of the season is unbeatable. Will he slow down? Of course, but I want to ride him into the sunset for as long as I can. The pitching matchup for A-Gone isn’t exactly stout either.

Kendrys Morales vs. Scott Kazmir – OAK ($4,100) – Morales has slowed a smidge since his booming numbers last week, but that doesn’t mean he’s still not a good guy to roster on Sunday. He’s had moderate success against Kazmir driving in runners, even with the small sample size. Morales continues to catch my eye with his surprising start to the year.


Mark Trumbo @ Tim Hudson – SF ($3,900) – Trumbo can be a pretty streaky guy, although he does intrigue me facing Hudson. There’s not much history there, so mainly Trumbo is a gut-play with spectacular power potential. Around this price range, I do like a couple of others as well (Adam LaRoche), but Trumbo gets the call overall in the high-$3 K area.

Wilin Rosario @ Brandon McCarthy – LAD ($3,400) – Rosario has hit McCarthy well, as he’s gone 4-for-9 (.444) with a 1 HR and 3 RBI. He’s sort of an under-the-radar play, but worth getting into your lineup. Rosario also qualifies at catcher, but I’m sure you knew that already.

Second Basemen


Jose Altuve vs. Garrett Richards – HOU ($4,400) – You’re not going to see Altuve’s salary stay in this range for long, so enjoy the value on him. He’s arguably the best 2B in the league and will rocket back up to the $5 K range. The salary alone makes him a great addition to your DFS lineup.

Brian Dozier vs. T.J. House – CLE ($4,300) – Dozier is only managing to hit .208 AVG over his last 10 games, but even with such a low batting average he’s still managing to average 6 FPPG. T.J. House isn’t going to be too murderous on the Twins’ bats, even with their struggles. Dozier is a sly play on Sunday.


Kolten Wong vs. Mike Leake – CIN ($3,800 ) – The inconsistency factor to this point is expected with Wong; however, he’s going to feel extremely comfortable in the batter’s box with his .375/.412/.563 line against Leake in 16 at-bats. Those at-bats were all in 2014.

Omar Infante vs. Scott Kazmir – OAK  ($3,200) – Infante is my third Royals player I’m suggesting, so feel free to run a Royals’ stack with Kazmir going 1-5, with a 4.93 ERA and a .239 BAA against KC. Infante destroys Kazmir historically, with a .368 AVG, 2 HR and 7 RBI in 19 at-bats. Mm-hmm.

Third Basemen


Chris Davis @ Rick Porcello – BOS ($4,600) – Whether you decide to use Rick Porcello or not in my above value-pitcher recommendations, it should be noted that Davis has  3 HR, 7 RBI and a 1.056 OPS against Porcello over his career. Davis is starting to drive the ball now and the power should continue to come for him as the season wears on.

Matt Carpenter vs. Mike Leake – CIN ($4,500) – Did you know that Carpenter has 10 hits over his last five games played? Yeah, he’s a tad hot right now with a 15.4 FPPG aver those same five games. You almost don’t have a choice but to lock Carpenter in, and seven of those hits have gone for extra bases.


Pedro Alvarez vs. Matt Garza – MIL ($4,200) – Alvarez is a mid-range play in my mind, and a guy that can more than earn his $4.2 K price tag, but he’s no super-value. The reason I list him here? His hitting record against Garza: .444/.500/.722, 1 HR and 6 RBI in 18 at-bats.

Jose Iglesias vs. Jose Quintana – CHW ($3,400 ) – Iglesias is in a nice little hit run right now, so he deserves recognition at this price. Plus, he has 4 SB on the season without being caught yet. Don’t forget DraftKings penalizes for caught stealing.



Troy Tulowitzki @ Brandon McCarthy – LAD  ($4,600) – How has Tulowitzki averaged 9.3 FPPG over his last 10 played? Doubles. Apparently, he can hit doubles. Seven of his 14 hits over 39 at-bats have gone for doubles. Soon, some of those doubles will turn into home runs, assessing Tulowitzki’s natural power in previous seasons. Trust me.

Billy Hamilton @ Adam Wainwright – STL ($4,300) – So, how does a player net 10.7 FPPG over his last 10 games while ONLY hitting .189? By bunching all of his hits up into three games! Not really. Actually, Hamilton can draw walks and he can steal bases. Duh, right? Hamilton has 8 SB on the season so far, and, again, bringing up the all important caught steals… he’s got zero of ’em. Hamilton is a grinder, and I absolutely love that about him for DFS play.


Erick Aybar @ Scott Feldman – HOU ($3,700) – If there’s a game where Aybar is looking to get right, then this is it. I’ve always loved that saying… “Lookin’ to get right”. Not sure why, but I digress. Aybar lights-up Feldman well, with a .452 AVG (14-for-31). Most of those hits are singles, but at this price I’m good with that. Give me the success rate here.

Danny Espinosa vs. David Buchanan – PHI ($3,000) – Espinosa broke my heart. His flashes of power in years past from a middle infield position really revved my engine, but, alas, twas not to be. Still, he’s squeaking out some DFS value lately, averaging 10.4 FPPG this season and he’s getting solid playing time while Anthony Rendon gets healthy.



Mike Trout @ Scott Feldman – HOU ($5,700) – Okay, so I’m not being too original here with Trout. But, who really cares? Trout is someone that you should have no problem locking into your lineup on a nightly basis, assuming, of course, that you’ve got the salary built-in for him. Trout vs. Feldman? .357 AVG, 2 HR and 4 RBI in 14 at-bats.

Nelson Cruz vs. Ross Detwiler – TEX ($4,800) – Cruz has never faced Detwiler before, but I have a difficult time believing that Detwiler will slow Cruz and his incredible power-run. Cruz has averaged 19.67  fantasy points over his last SIX games! Yes, you read correctly.

Matt Holliday vs. Mike Leake – CIN ($4,300) – Holliday is 14-for-36 (.389 AVG) against Leake over his career, but make sure you stay in touch with the news. Holliday is fighting a back injury right now, although it does look like he’ll be ready to go on Sunday.

Billy Hamilton @ Adam Wainwright – STL ($4,300) – I like Hamilton so much on Sunday, that I’m going to list him here in the OF stud section too along with his eligibility at the SS position.

Jay Bruce @ Adam Wainwright – STL ($4,100) – Bruce is a stud-play outfielder in my estimations, but the value is pretty damn good too. Sure, Bruce has slowed a bit lately over his last couple of games, but he can mash Wainwright, smacking a .908 OPS with 2 HR and 8 RBI in 33 at-bats.


Rajai Davis vs. Jose Quintana – CWS ($3,900) – Davis has played well of late, doing a bit of everything from stealing bases to hitting for power. I like the matchup as well, as he’s gone 10-for-26 against Quintana.

Delmon Young @ Rick Porcello – BOS ($3,700) – Hey, who’s believing in Delmon Young? Well, not over a full season for me, but if we’re just talking about the Porcello matchup here? Sure. Now, there is risk involved in starting Young if you don’t check starting lineups, since Young is only seeing time against lefties right now. Make sure you pay attention there before locking Young in, but he’s 8-for-24 with a homer and 4 RBI against Porcello.

Jonny Gomes @ Daniel Norris – TOR ($3,400) – Total shot-in-the-dark here in Gomes, but I like the cheap power option potential here. Please, look at the daily lineups to see if Gomes is in action before locking him in. Dude has had a couple of homers and 3 RBI over his last 17 at-bats while hitting .357.


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