Does stuff ever happen in Kansas City? What does the local news report on at night? Are most of KC’s residents people that live alone and get hyped watching paint dry? I don’t know the answer to these questions but my guess would be, nothing. Nothing ever happens in Kansas City. There must be zero families or people that have friends otherwise why would these numbers be so high?  There’s not enough free time in the world for voting numbers like this. Seriously, this is the AL Starting Lineup as of voting today:




That is DEMENTED. Is it some type of computer hack or many many many hanging chads? Not likely since 7 out of the Top 10 vote getters are Kansas City Royals…




Sure they’re doing well this season and came within one play of the World Series last year buttttttt good lord Kansas City pull yourselves together. Like okay some of these guys are deserving All-Stars but maybe one or two deserve to start. Even the Yankees of the 1990’s wouldn’t have this many players voted in. And for any Royal fan that defends their reasoning…




Uhhhh the 34 year old tinman who can barely be considered a utility player right now? 2.3 MILLION VOTES? To quote Stone Cold Steve Austin, “What?”




Generally a good sign when your last 10 games played contain 3 different months. Good luck competing with that Mike Trout ya freakin bum! But seriously Kansas City, find a hobby for everyone’s sake. Most especially yours.



Voting runs through July 2nd