If you watched baseball yesterday, you probably have a pretty good feel for who the best performers were. If you were sweating your lineups on DraftKings, you probably have a pretty good feel for who the best performers were. But the Perfect Lineup? Well that’s what we’re here for. Check out the daily perfect lineup below!

Friday night means the biggest Championship Week Contests!


1) Cardinals Win 5th Straight with a Group of Unknowns

– During the 5 game win streak, a group of relatively unheralded Cardinals players have made the DraftKings Perfect Lineup. Last night, Brandon Moss made an appearance with 20 fantasy points along with teammate Carlos Martinez. On Sunday, Stephen Piscotty posted 44 fantasy points and joined teammate Jason Heyward in the Perfect Lineup. On Tuesday, Tommy Pham was among the best value plays of the night as well.

2) Mets Continue to Dominate On the Field and on DraftKings

– The Mets have had a player represented in the Perfect Lineup 4 out of the 5 days since Sunday, including Travis d’Arnaud making multiple appearances (Sunday and Thursday).

3) Eduardo Escobar Is Red Hot

– Eduardo Escobar of the Twins has now been in the DraftKings Perfect Lineup back-to-back days. With 28 fantasy points on Wednesday and another 19 on Thursday, he’s been on an absolute tear and is winning big money for daily fantasy players.

– He was much more popular on Thursday night after his big game Wednesday. He was just 0.4% owned on Wednesday and was over 5% owned on Thursday


8:27 Perfect Lineup


– The three most popular pitchers (Gerrit Cole, Carlos Rodon and Jon Niese) all missed out on the Perfect Lineup while the 4th and 5th most popular (Ross and Martinez) qualified.

– Carlos Rodon or Carlos Martinez could have been in the DK Perfect Lineup last night alongside Joe Ross. Both registered 19.90 fantasy points.

– Gerrit Cole actually had the 2nd most fantasy points among pitchers but his steep price tag drove him out of the Perfect Lineup.

– On a 6 game night, it’s not surprising that every player in the perfect lineup was over 5% owned – even relative unknowns like Eduardo Escobar, Brandon Moss and Logan Forsythe.

– The 205.6 fantasy points is by far the lowest of the week. The previous low this week was 276 fantasy points on Wednesday.


8:27 Top FP Scorers


– The Mets were the highest scoring team, based on fantasy points per player, by far last night. Their 11.26 fantasy points per player was 2 full DK points more than the next highest team – the Nationals at 8.98 FP per player.

– The worst team last night as the Marlins, which isn’t surprising as they faced Pittsburgh ace Gerrit Cole. The Marlins averaged just 2.29 fantasy points per player.

– The Nationals had both the highest scoring pitcher (Joe Ross) and highest scoring hitter (Jayson Werth) last night.


8:27 Top Owned


– Four players over 10% owned either didn’t play last night or didn’t register a single DraftKings fantasy point.

– New York Mets represented 6 of the 9 highest owned players, so it’s no surprise that on average they were the highest owned team last night at an average of 11.22% owned per player.

– The lowest owned team last night was the Padres – at an average of 2.68% owned per player. That was a good move as they ended up averaging the 2nd fewest fantasy points per player among all teams going on Thursday.


8:27 Value Plays

1 – Value Plays defined by top 20 players in terms of $/Pt (salary divided by total fantasy points).


– The Mets might have had the best point per player ratio, but their opponent – the Phillies – had the best value as a team. They averaged $3,166 (salary divided by fantasy points) per player.

– Darin Ruf was the leader of the Phillies value charge – registering 16 fantasy points at just $100 above the DraftKings minimum salary of $2000

– Perhaps the sneakiest value of the night was Cardinals catcher Tony Cruz. On a night where Yadier Molina sat out (and was still 14.6% owned), backup catcher Tony Cruz went yard and registered 14 fantasy points at just a $2000 salary.


8:27 Winners

1 – Keys to success defined as highest owned players on winning lineups. This stat is a derivative of percentage owned, except it includes only lineups that finished in the money on DraftKings.


– Daniel Murphy’s late RBI single pushed him up by 5 fantasy points and shook up the leaderboards on DraftKings last night. After that hit, Murphy was rostered on over 50% of lineups that finished in the money last night.

– The Mets were highly owned overall and highly owned in winning lineups on DraftKings. Mets accounted for 6 of the top 9 highest owned players on winning lineups (they were also 6 of the 9 highest owned players overall).

– The biggest ‘Diamonds in the Rough’ were Darin Ruf at just 8.6% owned but on 13.92% of winning lineups and Brandon Guyer (on 5.7% of teams but on 17.87% of teams that finished in the money).


8:27 Busts


– There were a lot of positives for the Mets on Thursday night. Jon Niese, Wilmer Flores and Michael Cuddyer were not among them. The trio were all 23%+ owned and combined for just 6.90 fantasy points.

– A pair of Rays were expected to perform better off lefty Tommy Milone, but John Jaso and Evan Longoria both struggled with just 2 net fantasy points between them.

– Bryce Harper had 10 fantasy points but at his $5300 price point, he was definitely a slight disappointment.

– Nelson Cruz was far more disappointing than Harper though – the Mariners continue to struggle and Cruz had just 3 fantasy points after being $5700 and 11.1% owned.