Introducing a new way to enjoy MLB on DraftKings! Arcade Mode: Smaller rosters, different bonuses, one pitcher and no offensive positions to worry about. Stacking is limited to two players from any one team, making roster construction quick and easy.


1. Target the Top

A new feature in Arcade Mode allows players to accrue fantasy points for plate appearances throughout a game. Hitters at the top of the order are usually at the dish more than those at the bottom of the order. Since a player receives one fantasy point per plate appearance, you’ll want to really focus in on those top of the order hitters. You’ll also want to try to avoid platoon hitters or players that could be potentially subbed out later in the game. The first hit is also a new way to record fantasy points in Arcade Mode. A player receives five fantasy points on their first hit. Since those at the top of the order usually get an extra at bat, they have a higher probability of recording their first hit.

2. Go Yard

This one is pretty simple. In standard scoring, a player received 10 fantasy points for hitting a home run. In Arcade Mode, said player receives 15 fantasy points. So, you’ll really want to focus in on the guys that go long. There have been many instances on a slate where multiple players categorized as a first baseman hit a home run. Since this is known as a power position, you can load up every single roster spot with a first baseman if your heart desires. Another perk of going long? Players are now able to accrue fantasy points for hitting a grand slam.


3. Steal the Victory

A stolen base is only worth five fantasy points in standard scoring. In Arcade Mode, stolen bases are worth 12.5 points. Not only are hitters at the top of the order more likely to get on base, they are also more likely to record a stolen base. If you are not already, you’ll really want to attack catchers that are poor at throwing runners out. Certain pitchers are also prone to giving up stolen bases. With multiple factors to consider, you’ll want to first focus on the leadoff hitters in exploitable spots.

4. Power and Speed

A stolen base and home run combo is a new way to accumulate fantasy points. This bonus only applies once, but a player receives 10 DKFP if they record both events. In 2016, there were 178 instances where a player hit a home run and stole a base. While it may seem like a lot of players were able to accomplish this feat, only certain players were able to hit a home run and steal a base in more than two games. Only 14 players recorded this event in three or more games last season. Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, Trea Turner, Brian Dozier, Hernan Perez, Logan Forsythe, Odubel Herrera, Paul Goldschmidt, Ian Desmond and others were all able to accomplish this feat last season. Most players that were able to hit a home run and steal a base in the same game hit consistently at the top of the order. While there are multiple instances of players accomplishing this bonus out of other spots lower in the batting order, the data really points to those at the top.

5. Pitching Matters

Last but not least, with only one pitcher slot available, you’ll really want to make it count. Let’s start out with the simple facts. All the scoring opportunities outside of a win, innings pitched, strikeouts and earned runs are just doubled up. For example, in the standard mode, your pitcher received 2.5 DKFP for a complete game. In arcade mode, that pitcher would record five fantasy points. Same goes for hits. In the standard scoring, your pitcher lost 0.6 DKFP for each hit allowed. In Arcade Mode, that hit now costs the pitcher 1.2 DKFP. With walks, a hit batsman, a complete game shutout, and a no-hitter also being doubled up, the strategy does not change.

Wins are worth nine fantasy points in Arcade Mode, compared to the four you receive in the standard mode. Since recording a no-hitter is much more difficult to project, you’ll want to really select a pitcher that has an opportunity to record a victory. Strikeouts are now worth 4.5 DKFP, but allowing an earned run costs your pitcher 4.5 DKFP in Arcade Mode. The standard mode recorded these events as two fantasy points, thus weighing strikeouts and earned runs heavier in the Arcade Mode. Also, innings pitched were worth 2.25 DKFP, and they are now worth only 4.2 DKFP. Since they do not double up, the pitcher is losing an opportunity to score 0.3 DKFP per inning. Over six innings, this pitcher loses out on an opportunity to score 1.8 fantasy points relative to the standard scoring. This subtle difference changes the game. In the standard scoring allowing an earned run penalizes your pitcher less if they are able to go deeper into the game. Since allowing an earned run costs your pitcher more in Arcade Mode, you’ll really want to focus in on pitchers that are in elite spots.

Scoring System


Plate Appearance1
Stolen Base12.5
Base on Balls3.2
Hit by Pitch3.2
Sacrifice Fly3.2

Hitter Bonuses

Home Run15
Grand Slam 10
Home Run/Stolen Base Combo*10
1st Hit*5

*(Max 1 per player)


Inning Pitched4.2
Strike Out4.5
Earned Run Allowed-4.5
Hit Against-1.2
Base on Balls Against-1.2
Hit Batsman-1.2
Complete Game5
Complete Game Shut Out5
No Hitter10

Scoring Notes

  • Hitting statistics for Pitchers will not be counted, and Pitching statistics for Hitters will not be counted.
  • The 1st Hit bonus is awarded to any Hitter once he records his first hit of the game.
  • The Home Run/Stolen Base Combo bonus is awarded when a Hitter records a Home run and a Stolen Base in the same game.