I’ve had a couple of bad nights in DFS-Land recently, but that hasn’t got me down. Frankly, like Pacino in Scent of A Woman, “I’m just getting warmed up.”

You know Russell Westbrook had a bad night. News flash, the man is human after all. So what? This is when the game gets exciting! I’m loving the deep picks that surface right when the season gets into the dog days. The week 13-15 in NFL land. The hot august stretch of the baseball world. This is the the playoff push for the NBA! Get your head in the GAME!

Get back into your spreadsheets and tea leaves! There is no crying in DFS!

You’ve got MARCH FIRGGIN MADDNESS GOING ON! That’s like basketball overload.

The NBA playoff push is just begining to hit. And Baseball is just…about…to…start.

And now, my “Ode to the American Game!”

May the summer months pass slowly.

162. Games that help us all remember the joy of the game.

180 days of the greatest tests of your DFS skills, yet to be discovered.

2430 matchups to be analyzed.

Pitchers versus Pitchers.

Batter versus the ever morphing strike zone.

The crack of the wooden bat against the off-white leather of the baseball beckons us all.

I could hit that pitch. You could hit that pitch.

The stadiums will soon be filled.

 Peanuts and cracker-jacks are meant for summer afternoons.

Bring. It. On.


I’m honestly not a poet. So, I’m listening to the preseason games. I’ve got my eye on a couple of guys to target in my season long drafts. I’ve also got a couple of the big names banging around in my head. I’m itching to get this season started. Are you? Are your really ready? For me? For the challenge? The competition?

Strasberg...he's coming.
Strasberg…bring on the heat!

Best check ya’self, cause I’m screaming into this baseball season.

Troll the “interwebs” if you want a lead; you just might find your next big pick on Yik Yak. But what ever you do, get your game-face on cause it’s baseball season. And it shall be a glorious season indeed.

Soon these moments will become legend and lore. Will you be a part of it? I will.
These moments will become legend and lore. Will you be a part of it? I will.

Till next time, long live the summer of baseball and follow me @Deepdfspicks.