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Welcome back to the daily DraftKings picks where we try to get super rich playing daily fantasy baseball. As usual I’ll do a brief recap of my lineups from the night before then throw out some picks that I’m brainstorming for tonight, and hopefully get some good feedback/tips/picks from you guys either in the comment section or on Twitter @kmarkobarstool.

Here are my pathetic lineups from last night:

KMarko 1

KMarko 2

(I don’t know where all the Kmarko Lineup Truthers came from lately but they were pretty quiet the past few weeks when I posted by 65 point night and my THIRTY-THREE pointer.)

Blog picks just straight up haven’t been working out. Donaldson was the only one that hit double digits, Forsythe at least chipped in a little, while JBJ and Pollock were big time duds. I’ve been known to go on some heaters, but it’s safe to say we’re in a full blown cold streak right now. Just gotta ride it out. And if you’re still just blindly following these picks because I say so without doing research on your own you deserve what you get.

With that said let’s put on a happy face and dive into tonight!


Top Tier

deGrom is the biggest ace, with the biggest upside. McHugh is having a great second half but this is a high price to pay against an Oakland team that has been ruining lineups lately. Strasburg is inconsistent and against the red hot Mets? Yikes. And why the
hell is Tomlin still so overpriced?

Mid Tier

Shields and Richards are probably your best bets here. Teheran and Samardzija are worth a look but are always uncomfortably risky to play.

Value Plays

Can you possibly trust Joe Kelly against the Blue Jays offense? Can Medlen bounce back to a solid value play after getting lit up last week? Can you ever trust a Rockies pitcher, even with a good matchup in San Diego? Who the hell knows? Find out tonight when you try to pair one of these guys with deGrom then watch him get blown up.


OF Yoenis Cespedes $4.8K


The Mets are in the middle of a magical second half run and they have the Nats on the ropes – and nobody is hotter than Cespedes right in the heart of that order. He’s hitting EVERYTHING right now and he seems to bring out his best stuff against the toughest
pitchers. I think Strasburg will get his share of K’s tonight and may even put up a respectable fantasy score, but with the zone Yoenis is in I also think he has a great shot of taking him deep or roping a couple RBI doubles.

3B Josh Donaldson $4.8K


Whatever. Going Donaldson again. I don’t care. Highest total on the board and two theoretically terrible pitchers at Fenway. Yes the same thing was supposed to be said about last night too and look how that turned out. For the record if you make the total for
a game 10.5 and they go into extra innings tied 1-1 you should be brought out back and shot in the face, in my opinion.

Bottom line is Donaldson is the best 3B in baseball right now and his price dropped to what’s basically a value-play point for him. And he did end up putting up 12 points last night so I guess I’m kind of being greedy here. Just annoyed it took him until a
triple in his last at-bat to do it.


2B/OF Odubel Herrera $3.2K


Don’t think I’ve ever featured him before, but I love this guy. One of those sneaky Phillies bats from a lineup that sucks on paper but always seems to put up some solid fantasy points. Teheran stinks on the road and is having an off season overall so I don’t mind targeting some Phillies tonight all in the low 3Ks. Herrera is my top choice and at 3,200 there’s not much risk and a whole lot of room for reward.

That’s it for now, hit me up @kmarkobarstool and hit me up with your best plays of the night. If you’re depositing use my referral code and get us both hooked up .

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