Welcome back to our new Tuesday-Wednesday-Friday feature where your boy tries to get rich playing daily fantasy sports. Rich part hasn’t quite happened yet but still have visions of winning a $1 million tournament dancing in my head. To quote John Lennon you may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one – and look at that, tonight we got the $1 Million Mega Payoff Pitch on DraftKings. Perfect time to jump in the saddle and make some $$$.

I didn’t get a chance to play over the holiday weekend or really keep up too much with the games, so today should be interesting. As always I’ll list off some of my thoughts for players tonight – not guaranteed to lock them into my lineups, but it’s basically my brainstorming/spitball sessions typed out in blog form.

Today’s Tournament: $1 Million Mega Payoff Pitch ($27 Entry)

Pitcher Who Is Not The Most Expensive On The Board

Jacob DeGrom $10K


I’m not going to waste my breath (or finger movements I guess) on writing up Kershaw here. He’s the best pitcher alive and if you can afford him you pretty much always want to play him. But with Clayton, Price, and Mad Bum all on the hill tonight I’m hoping we can sneak in a little under the radar with Jacob DeGrom. He’s been superhuman lately and now has a home matchup with the Phillies. The Phils don’t actually strike out a lot, surprisingly, but they’re not a potent offense either, and DeGrom is coming off 11 Ks vs. the Cardinals, so I’m assuming he can get a few against Philadelphia. He just screams safety play to me and knowing how much a dud pitching performance can torpedo your lineup, I’ll probably play him at $2.2K less than Kershaw.

Also, I LOVE playing Salazar in tournaments because you can blink and he already has 12 Ks. But the Rangers have been hotter than hell lately, and as someone who has seen Salazar blow up in 1 inning firsthand before, he scares the shit out of me.

Check the weather on this one though, looks like rain might come in and delay this thing which is a death sentence for a pitcher

3B Josh Donaldson $4.6K


One of my favorite guys to play against lefties and probably my favorite play of the night. A matchup at home with John Danks in a high total game, yes please! Feel like every time I feature him he goes deep, trying to keep the streak alive tonight.

1B Todd Frazier $4.6K


I guess this is more of a gut pick since I haven’t seen him written up anywhere, but I could easily see a homer from him tonight vs. the lefty De La Rosa. All the guy does is crush homers. Somebody’s goin deep in this game, either him or Marlon Byrd, and my money’s on Frazier.

2B Daniel Murphy $3.9K

Nobody ever wants to own any Mets hitters in their lineups. Ever. Which is exactly why Murph makes for a great tournament play, hopefully I’m the only guy on the internet who has him. Jerome Williams sucks and Murphy hits cleanup for under 4K, smells like value to me.

OF Joc Pederson $3.7K

He mini-slumped for like, 1 week and it dropped his price from the 5’s to the 3’s. As long as he’s hitting leadoff and can snap off 2 HR nights I’m running him out there, especially at this price. Teheran hasn’t been that intimidating this season.

OF Chris Colabello $3.4K

I recommended this guy one time, and it was I think it was his only 0 point game of the season. He’s been incredibly solid, has double digit points in 3 of his last 4, has been moved up to the cleanup spot, and they refuse to raise his price. I’m sure he’ll hit me with another dud now that I’m talking him up but I’ll roll with him to save some money for pitching tonight.

That’s what I got for tonight so far, as usual hit me up @kmarkobarstool with your thoughts/picks of the night. Let’s make some bank.