I feel like I could start and end this article by saying play Trevor Story, but Colorado has the night off. The Rookie shortstop from Colorado has hit his 7th dong in 6 days. He isn’t on the slate tonight, but we do have a nice 6 game slate to choose from. Hopefully Story and these guys below will stay hot and won’t regress our way out of the money.

Eugenio Suarez ® (CIN vs. CHC) – $3,600

april 11 eugenio suarez

Opposing Pitcher: Jon Lester

Suarez isn’t Trevor Story (there’s that name again), but he is coming into tonight with a .435 BA and 4 homers in 23 at bats. He has also put up 20 and 27 DKFP in the last two games. With a SLG % of .476 and a handedness wOBA of .35 he should tee off on the lefty Lester tonight. Suarez also has a .625 OPS against Lester and should remain hot on the evening.

Tyler White ® (HOU vs. KC) – $4,500

april 11 tyler white

Opposing Pitcher: Chris Young

Tyler White is probably the closest thing to Trevor Story tonight. White is also a rookie that has a .556 BA in 18 at bats. If the batting average wasn’t enough he also has 3 homers on the season. Chris Young isn’t necessarily a strikeout pitcher, but he did have an .542 OPS against RHB in 2015. With his salary jumping all the way up to $4,600 combined with no hits for White last time out, I fear the regression train may be pulling into the station.

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Carlos Correa ® (HOU vs. KC) – $4,900

Opposing Pitcher: Chris Young

april 11 carlos correa

No wonder a lot of people were touting the Astros as the World Series Champs this year (100% Baltimore Oriole backer here.) Correa started off the season blazing, but has stumbled over the last 3 games. He still boasts a BA of .304 and a SLG % of .739. He also has 3 homers in 23 at bats. Even though he has been hot to start the season, I don’t like the handedness matchup (wOBA of .362). With 4.7 projected runs, someone has to score for the Astros and Correa should be one of those guys.

Anthony Rizzo (L) (CHC vs. CIN) – $4,900

Opposing Pitcher: Brandon Finnegan

apirl 11 rizzo

Rizzo recently had a monster game against the Diamondbacks, scoring 43 DKFP and putting up 3 hits. He has a .273 BA in 22 AB’s this season. He also has 2 homers and a .500 SLG%. Finnegan is a leftie, but had a .765 OPS against LHB last year. Rizzo has a positive handedness wOBA of .387 and the Cubs are projected to score a lot of runs. I could see a nice game out of Rizzo this evening.

Dexter Fowler (S) (CHC vs. CIN) – $4,500

Opposing Pitcher: Brandon Finnegan

april 11 dexter fowler

I guess the best things do come in pairs, as we have another Cub. Fowler rested Sunday, but should be good to go for this one in a hitters park. He has been one of the hottest batters on the season with a .526 BA. Finnegan can produce strikeouts, but just isn’t all that great of a pitcher. Fowler also has 1 homer and a SLG% OF .466. With the home opener, a high total and a .382 handedness wOBA, things seem to be trending in the right direction for Fowler tonight.