2015 Fantasy Baseball Kings Cup

Over the past few weeks some of you have received emails from us seeking input on a world cup style MLB head-to-head bracket contest. Today we are ready to announce the final details to the public and begin accepting entries.
The Kings Cup will be a 32 team competition that will take place from July 10th-August 2nd. 24 of those spots are reserved for Direct Buy-In and potential high stakes satellites between now and July 30th. The final 8 spots will be filled through a variety of low stakes satellites running from July 1st-9th. If you would like to direct buy-in to this contest, please email MBirnbach@DraftKings.com for more information


Group Stage – The first 32 players will be drawn into 8 pods of 4 with one of the low stakes satellite winners in each group. Each team will play the other 3 from July 10th-12th with the top 2 teams moving on (ties broken by highest total fantasy points). Bracket Rounds – Taking place from July 17th-August 2nd immediately following the MLB all-star break the final 16 teams will play down to a winner in a bracket competition. Round of 16 through the Final 4 will be best-of-3 with the Finals best-of-5.


There will be $160,000 in total prizes
  • 1st – $50,000
  • 2nd – $30,000
  • 3rd/4th – $10,000
  • 5th-8th – $5,000
8 Group Stage Winners – $5,000 (tie broken by winner of their group stage head to head matchup)

How to Enter

Buy-In Directly – Starting today and through June 24th players will be able to reserve an entry into the finals by making a non-refundable deposit of $300. Once we have 24 entries we will move to a wait list. Full payment of an additional $5,000 will be due on or before July 5th.

In the event we do not have 24 entries on June 24th we will run a series of $300+ qualifiers to fill the remaining spots.

Win one of the 8 qualifiers – Between July 1st and 9th we will run 8 Qualifiers at a buy in of $3-$27 for a $5,500 entry to the Kings Cup.

Players are limited to a single entry and players who have reserved entry or won a spot are not eligible to play in the Qualifiers.

Email MBirnbach@DraftKings.com with any questions about reserving your spot in the Kings Cup.